“Mozilla” – Mozilla is already in the starting blocks: Who wants to try the Mozilla of the future, which loads the preliminary version down.


It is no longer a secret that Mozilla is urging earlier releases for the next browser versions to a faster release schedule after the extremely long development time. Therefore, a pre-release version of “Mozilla” has already been published now.

Who switch from Chrome to “Mozilla”, bookmarks, history and cookies can conveniently import from Google’s browser. All changes and new features of the new Mozilla you refer to the Release Notes, as they become available.

Perfect for testing through its paces by Mozilla

Mozilla Firefox “Mozilla” does not need to be installed. We have the download for you. It is no longer a secret that Mozilla is pushing for a faster release schedule for the next browser releases after the extremely long development time of previous versions of Mozilla . Therefore, a beta of Mozilla now has also been published.

Some programs install the same setup with a matching Mozilla Add -on . So that this does not happen unnoticed , Mozilla provides more control during installation. “Mozilla” now disabled add-ons by third party after the installation until you have made a choice – to use or delete the add-ons.

With the Mozilla browser to extensions across multiple platforms can be synchronized . In addition, the new Mozilla comes with a migration tool for Google Chrome : Browser – transfer passengers can take their data and settings from the Google browser.

Who is interested in the development of future versions of Mozilla , you can switch between the individual release channeling with a click on the Mozilla button under the menu item “Help” and ” About Mozilla ” : Aurora , Beta and Release . All other changes and new features can be read after the official release notes.


If you want to stay tuned to the latest developments around the Mozilla , the beta version has to watch . The portable version is ideally suited for this because it does not require any special installation . If the download of the unstable pre-release yet shy , takes better to the current final version .

If you want to stay tuned to the latest developments around the Mozilla, the second alpha release of Mozilla has to watch. If you are afraid to download the unstable pre-release, takes better to the current final version.