Mozilla Firefox 2019

Mozilla Firefox 2019

“Mozilla Firefox” – Mozilla Firefox has released the final version to download Mozilla Firefox . The open- source tool is the most popular browser in Germany. These features bring the Mozilla Firefox in the Future.


As an Internet Explorer competitor Mozilla Firefox has long been established – he surpassed the Microsoft browser in most disciplines. For “Mozilla Firefox” falls not only clearer than the competition, even at the speed of the fox has the lead.

Mozilla Firefox : Extra features thanks addons

The open source project is constantly being improved by lively community and further developed. Numerous extensions that you can increase the default functions arbitrarily , contribute to its popularity and dissemination of Mozilla Firefox. A wide range of practical enhancements, see the way also with Mozilla Firefox download to download.

Mozilla Firefox: Continuous development

Each version of “Mozilla Firefox” goes through several developmental stages. New features you can test as an interested users in the Nightly , Aurora and Beta versions before its official release extensively. Known vulnerabilities are corrected within a few hours , so that you can surf safely .

Currently : Version 2019

The new browser version comes with no visible changes , but merely fixes security vulnerabilities. The only new feature under the hood is the support of the audio codecs VP9 . One for Windows 8 touch – opimierte version has been postponed. All changes and new features can be found in the official release notes , as they become available .

Mozilla Firefox is in the starting blocks : Who wants to try the Mozilla Firefox of the future, the beta invites now as download down .

It is no longer a secret that “Mozilla Firefox” is urging earlier Firefox editions for the next browser versions to a faster release schedule after the extremely long development time. Therefore, a beta now has also been published.

Some programs install the same setup with a matching Mozilla Firefox Add -on . So that this does not happen unnoticed ,Mozilla Firefox provides more control during installation. “Mozilla Firefox” disabled add-ons by third party after the installation until you have made a choice – to use or delete the add-ons.

Who is interested in the development of future versions of “Mozilla Firefox” , find with us the current Nightly and Aurora versions to download . The new functions first, but sometimes run unstable.

Mozilla Firefox Update : New Design

The version finally brings once again breath of fresh air : The new Australis design changes the appearance of tabs and menus , the new Mozilla Firefox Sync is ausprobierbar and the browser can be used in a touch-optimized version for Windows 8 launch , although this feature is actually set should be . All new features can be found in the release notes as soon as they were published.


No other browser combines speed , safety, comfort , and extensibility as good as Mozilla Firefox. If you want to stay on the latest developments around the Firefox turn , this beta version has to watch . If you are afraid to download the unstable pre-release , takes better to the current final version .