Mozilla Firefox os

Mozilla Firefox os

“Mozilla Firefox os”Android phones dominate the market ! Still, the network operator name any quantities. In the huge smartphone market Mozilla Firefox os hardly plays a role .

With over 78 percent of Android phones dominate the market in which nearly a billion smartphones were sold worldwide last year. In second place is Apple with a share of 15.6 percent. Microsoft comes to only 3.2 percent , BlackBerry has slipped to less than two percent. In the statistics of the market researcher Gartner, Mozilla Firefox os hidden under “Other” , who come together to less than one percent.

Not least, the superiority of the two smartphone makers Samsung and Apple has meant that network operators are experimenting with Mozilla Firefox os. ” Duopolies are not a good thing ,” said Telefónica CEO César Alerta to start “Mozilla Firefox OS” . In fact, Samsung and Apple can Mobilfunkern largely dictate the terms. New competition , their hope , the top dogs make a little more modest.

This, however Mozilla Firefox os is still too weak . Most operators who had known the alternative system , sell, no Mozilla Firefox os smartphones. With a wider range of devices, but could change the future . ZTE has introduced two new Mozilla Firefox os mobile phones, Alcatel even three new phones and a tablet . Even Huawei is now selling a Firefox smartphone.

Whether a 25 dollar smartphone OS Firefox is the expected momentum is questionable. Manufacturers can only use radio chips , sparks in the mobile generation of the second generation (2G) , ie data significantly slower than in modern 3G or even 4G networks for this price.

In fact, countries such as India , China and South American markets are becoming increasingly important , because there the growth rates are significantly higher than in the U.S. or Europe. But many buyers can not raise prices of more than $ 500 , the Samsung and Apple demand for their flagship smartphones.

Mozilla Firefox OS – Official review

Mozilla Firefox os – Struggle to favor the developer

Whether passing through a smart phone system , decides on the selection of apps. In the app stores of Apple and Google , there are in each case more than one million applications. Attacker must therefore mainly fight once the favor of the developers.

Mozilla Firefox os , behind which the Mozilla Foundation is that has also developed the Mozilla Firefox os browser will make it easy for programmers . Because the system is based on the popular HTML5 web technology , many developers do not need to rethink only . Many of them make on this basis are mobile sites .

In fact, many applications for iPhones and Android phones are first written in HTML5 and even then converted for the systems . In this way, a windfall gain could adjust , the hope of Mozilla. Who writes an app for Android or iPhone , so you can also supply the same Mozilla Firefox os .

So far, however , the developers hold back. In “Mozilla Firefox os” Market Place there are only a few thousand applications. Although important apps like YouTube , Facebook, Cut the Rope , Pinterest and SoundCloud are , but whether that is enough to long-term retention smartphone users in itself , remains questionable.