Mozilla Firefox FREE Download

Mozilla Firefox FREE Download

“Mozilla Firefox FREE Download” – Mozilla Firefox FREE Download with ” Mozilla Firefox FREE Download” you surf easily , quickly and above all safely through the Internet . To protect the free browser , for example from Trojans or spyware, since all elements of a page before loading to be checked. With the private mode you are on the Internet without surfing traces such as cookies and user data is stored on your computer. And an attractive appearance makes the Personas feature.


Information about Mozilla Firefox FREE Download

The free “Mozilla Firefox FREE Download” offers everything you can expect from a good browser : Excellent user interface , a high level of security and good performance. Not for nothing one of the most popular browsers is the Mozilla Firefox FREE Download , therefore the world and has the Internet Explorer outstripped .

Security of Mozilla Firefox FREE Download

An important aspect of surfing is security. Mozilla Firefox FREE Download enables, for example in private mode surfing the Internet , without cookies , passwords, browsing history of downloaded files or other user data is stored . In order to protect your privacy when you deal with multiple people share a computer or surfing in public places and other PC .

The page origin before loading can be carefully checked . To warns of Mozilla Firefox FREE Download in front pages with Trojans and spyware before or generally dubious sites. Annoying pop-up windows you go specifically with a few clicks on the collar . In addition, the flexible possibilities are advised exemplary in dealing with cookies.

If there is to criticize anything , it is the lack of locking function on websites. But even then there are for Mozilla Firefox FREE Download appropriate solutions : The free, appears with a warning before you land on a fraudulent site. In addition, any time you have insight into the current rip-off tab , in all previously tracked Scammers are listed.

Plugins and Addons

But not only in matters of security , the Mozilla Firefox FREE Download extensions prove very useful : Whether you want to check with the browser your mails, need an FTP client or the browser just want to visually spice up the palette of tools on offer is outstanding. And the built-in add -on management , the handling of these additives even for lay people is easy . Practical: “Mozilla Firefox FREE Download” Addons and plugins verifies installed to date and so exposes old extensions.

User guide

About the tabbed browsing multiple open websites like flashcards registers are clearly arranged. Individual tabs you can then from a browser window to move to another or easily opened by pulling into their own window , a new browser session with the selected tab . Exemplary simple is dealing with the Bookmark. Mozilla Firefox FREE Download Thanks to the one – click bookmarking just click on the star icon at the end of the address bar , and it is the current page is stored as a bookmark. After another click to select the category in which the bookmark is to be stored and keep optional Tags determined , which allows you to quickly search in the address bar later.


Dozens of useful features such as good download manager , restoring broken Internet sessions and a spell checker round Mozilla Firefox FREE Download to the currently undisputed number one among the browsers . He leaves the competition in the sum of the functions and possibilities loosely behind him.