Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016

Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016

“Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016” – Specifies criteria for the Mozilla browser. Mozilla Firefox has many features and customization options, a free, open source Web browser. Its performance is excellent and has been designed to protect your privacy.


Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016 Add-ons can be extended over a vast catalog includes several built-in features. This can be adapted for quite a long time in all browsers, tabbed browsing standard offers. It also has an integrated search engine and can be easily adapted (Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016).

All the features you need

“Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016” From the home page a Google search box and downloads, bookmarks, history, add-ons, which you can access a list of shortcuts to access and sync settings. This is all the basic features and also has a spell checker integrated PDF reader, navigation and geotagging and contains much more. As for security, privacy, a pop-up blocker helps protect Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016, has an anti-phishing filter and functions.

In addition to the usual private browsing mode, Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016 gives you the opportunity, websites tracking you block, and I can websites that tell with carrier extension crawler. More about Firefox…

Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016 also verify that your connection is secure, ensures reliable websites that you visit has a system. Security updates are every time done automatically to ensure protection against the latest threats. Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016At the same geographic location with a spell checker, built-in PDF reader, some basic navigation functions, a read mode -Mobil and more distractions, makes it possible to read without integration.

Highly customizable

With one of the biggest advantages of the Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016 browser and edit the various customization options, you can adapt to your needs has the ability to adapt to all possible users. While many themes for Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016 interface and menu or the toolbar, you can edit as you like on your personal most frequently used tools and features.

Extensions are also a great way to customize your browser and increase functionality. We have millions of users, and some add-ons like Adblock Plus or Video DownloadHelper become necessary. In addition, Firefox and Hangouts similar protocol WebRTC (ie a plugin not required) based on the Firefox Hello, there is a temporary service chat room. With Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016, you can plain page views to your friends hello.

For 35 years after the release of Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016 Toolbar provides access to its extension to the Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016Marketplace Laden himself. You can get all Browser like Chrome in turkish…

One of the best browsers available

Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016 is one of the most popular web browser in the world for a reason. It features full terms of reliability and flexibility, and be able to seamlessly everything you need for surfing the Web.


  • Several built-in functions
  • Comprehensive catalog of add-ons
  • highly customizable
  • Security Options
  • Auto-complete feature


  • Slow start

Mozilla Firefox Free Download 2016


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