Mozilla Firefox FREE Download – 2019

Mozilla Firefox FREE Download 2019

“Mozilla Firefox FREE Download 2019”:┬áTo download the final version of Mozilla has released Firefox Open source tool World’s most popular browser.

“Firefox”, Internet Explorer, which is a well-established as a competitor – outperforms the Microsoft browser in most disciplines. So even if the lead Firefox fox speed, competition is more than just falling.

Firefox: Extra features plug-ins

Open source project developed by a vibrant community and developed continuously. If the standard functions can enlarge arbitrary number of extensions, Mozilla “Firefox 2019” contributes to the popularity and proliferation. A wide range of practical enhancements, see the way with my .


Firefox: Continuous development

Each version of Mozilla Firefox FREE Download 2019 through several developmental stages. New features common interest before the official publication Nightly-, Aurora and Beta versions can be tested for users. You can surf safely, so that known vulnerabilities are fixed within a few hours.

Mozilla Firefox: This update brings

Hello Firefox “Firefox 2019” version comes with built-in chat tool. In addition, the browser must be faster and more reliable operation. Version bug fixes. Otherwise, check out the official release notes yet, it changes and new features, unable to find their way into the new version.


Surfing is an important aspect of security. In ad hoc mode downloaded file or other user data, cookies, Chronicle surf the internet without passwords “Firefox” allows. If a few people in public places and other computer, or if you share a computer with surfing, it will protect your privacy. Individual windows with special mode for actual use Mozilla Firefox FREE Download 2019 browser and can be targeted to open in parallel. Convenient: a website using the custom mode you right click on a link in the context menu.