Mozilla Firefox Download

Mozilla Firefox Download

“Mozilla Firefox Download” One of the best browser on the market with Mozilla Firefox Download or not to bring a quick , visually appealing and free Internet browser on the computer. The software has established itself alongside the Internet Explorer as the most popular browser – far far ahead of Google Chrome and Opera.


Private Browsing

While surfing the net Mozilla Firefox Download offers a great website window thanks to the now hidden menu bar.

In addition to practical functions such as tabs and bookmark management Mozilla Firefox Download also comes with a private browsing mode . In this private mode you leave the excursion into the net no traces on the computer. In the chronicle Mozilla Firefox Download stores , however, visited websites .

Customize Mozilla Firefox Download surface with Themes

About Browser extensions adds to Mozilla Firefox Download other functions. The surface to change , for example with the help of free themes . When outdated add- ons , the software provides information on possible security risks. In addition, the browser supports the open fonts format WFF and CSS, DOM and HTML5 technologies.

Here you will find the free Mozilla Firefox download that you install a web browser that you can fully customize to their own needs , which offers numerous safety features and the latest web technologies, HTML5 and CSS3 dominated . The program code is available under an open source license . The free browser is also not driven by a software company , but by the Mozilla Foundation , a charitable foundation in Silicon Valley in California. However, Firefox is one of the most technically advanced and sophisticated Internet browsers.

  • Comfortable surf tabs

The Tabs tab above one also has in -depth explore the Web everything in sight. You can quickly switch between pages and organize surfing well .

  • Tidy browser

Mozilla Firefox Download is a compact, stable working browser , which can be very well adapted to their own needs with themes and extensions .

Mozilla Firefox Download is in the starting blocks : Who wants to try the Mozilla Firefox Download of the future, the beta invites now as download down .


Tabs and Awesome Bar Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Download has long been the tabbed browsing, thus opening new windows in tabs. These tabs can be sorted with the panorama function in meaningful Tab Groups to increase the clarity . To make browsing the web easy and quick , the Awesome Bar an address bar is displayed below the matching as you type suggestions from the history and bookmarks by Mozilla Firefox Download for quick access has been introduced . Beside it is the integrated web search , a search box, which in various search engines and web portals directly , a search can be started.

The more saturated functions

Since version 4.0, the layout has been changed radically and now offers a very minimalist design . Hide all menus former now in the Mozilla Firefox Download button top left. Exception are only the bookmarks, for which there is now a separate button to the right of the web search. Despite the minimalist designs Mozilla Firefox Download offers features such as an integrated pop-up blocker , a password manager , a download manager , and an anti-phishing protection on a managed by the non -profit organization blacklist. Who is unsure whether a website is genuine or fake, can query with a simple click on the favicon in the address bar information to this page . The browser also provides a mode for private browsing, in which created no history and no cookies or temporary files are stored. User can activate a Do Not Track header , with which you can make ad networks point out that you do not want to be tracked in the settings also .

Conclusion – Uncomplicated Mozilla Firefox Download browser for everybody

Mozilla Firefox Download is one way around the most popular browsers. The freeware provides all the necessary features for quick and easy browsing. With small add- ons are adjusted to fit the browser to the personal taste and adds any added many features.

Thanks to a large number of developers Mozilla Firefox Download is always on the latest technological stand predecessor versions, see Info next to the current version number to the left .

Recent changes

The latest version features an improved search function in tabs .



  • faster and cleaner Browser
  • Functionality and appearance expandable
  • Surfing possible without a trace
  • visually appealing


  • nothing worth mentioning