Mozilla Firefox Download 2016

Mozilla Firefox Download 2016

Mozilla Firefox: The browser of choice?

Firefox is a free and open source web browser for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It belongs together with Google Chrome to the market leaders among the browsers.

Using the free web browser Firefox is the web pages display quickly and safely. Websites are reacted largely standard compliant. Using themes can be adapted to the appearance of the browser.

About a wealth of plug-ins, the so-called add-ons, the functionality can be expanded. This invite is usually on the side furnished specifically for extensions of the manufacturer. Also on net world, we have many themes and plugins available for download. In addition to Google Chrome Firefox has the most plug-ins on the browser market, many classics, such as the popular AdBlock Plus, and many other sinvolle supplements to suit all tastes are available.


Installation and Configuration Tips for Mozilla Firefox

The ideal supplement to e-mail browser is also coming from the house Mozilla Thunderbird. Furthermore, there are a portable version of Frefox available that can be downloaded from the download area. What can you do with portables, learn in a Network World Special.

This is what the Network World editors to Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox is a popular browser on the market of that competition, however, is not asleep. Can be found for example in Google Chrome and Opera strong alternatives. In terms of performance, innovation and usability on the browser are the same. Google Chrome has the speed comparison, however, slightly ahead.

Remove adware and toolbars

Toolbars and Adware nest faster in Firefox and Co. A, as this is the most loving users. Since her victim of such infestation, the browser interface is cluttered, settings are adjusted and the program is working sluggishly. First approach should be to look in the browser settings and in the list of installed add-ons. Extensions (advertising) can be removed here and unwanted portals change. Works Firefox still not working properly, you read here after how their stubborn adware from your system.

Import bookmarks from other browsers

In order for a change to any browser bookmarks, their imports this best in Firefox. For this purpose, Mozilla has a special function provided the “Organize Bookmarks” in the settings menu under the tab found. Under “Import and Backup”, the option to import data from another browser hides. So the favorites from Chrome, Opera and Co. are quickly available in Firefox.

Clear history and cache

Firefox stores visited Internet pages and their contents. To delete this data, you click on the menu button, then click the menu “History” and “Clear Recent History” on there. Here, the time period selected, is in the Firefox delete the Chronicle. To delete the cache, you click on the small arrow next to Details, and select Cache from there. This menu also things like cookies, Active Logins and saved searches and form data can be deleted.