Mozilla Firefox Download 2015 Latest FULL Version

Mozilla Firefox Download 2015 Latest FULL Version

“Mozilla Firefox Download 2015 Latest FULL Version”:¬†Download a file from the Internet

Download a file from the network. This amount is an information window about the download status until today. Navigate to the location of the file or start double-clicking here. Download the displayed number was limited to three. Restart the browser, Firefox automatically clears the list. Do you want to access the full download history library again (or by selecting “Show all downloads” or “Ctrl” and “J”).

Fire and the so-called European

“Firefox” There is another feature of the so-called Application Tabs. This is a small open a tab on the tab bar icon request is minimized. To prevent accidental closure of the space saving and websites. Windows Aero user interface, the browser keeps more practical features: the taskbar “Firefox” Move the mouse over the icon, all open tabs in one small displays.


Go and for users who do not want to give up their bookmarks, on “Firefox” Sync option offers. This transfer and frequent adjustments, plug-ins and allows multiple computers on your browser settings. The house is just so comfortable (on holiday, for example) surfing in foreign computer!

Facebook & Co.

Facebook, Twitter & Co. such as social networks play an increasingly important role in the Mozilla Firefox a social component, the so-called “Social API” adds follow this trend. Its primary function is to display messages from social networks in the browser. Or to review a sidebar article on your friends’ likes the data. Just click to share objects in the online directory, see something is interesting.