How to Install Mozilla Firefox

How to Install Mozilla Firefox

“How to Install Mozilla Firefox”

How to install Firefox

” How to install the Firefox ” This article describes how to install Firefox .

If you switch to Firefox Eğerso an older version , please read the latest version of Firefox güncelleniyormakale .
If you install ” Firefox ” Before:

Make sure Bilgisayarınızınsiste meets the minimum requirements .
(Windows XP) Firefox Install Windows limited user rights . For more information on site englischprachig Types of user accounts , please read this article .

  1. In the pages of any browser ileindir www.mozillafirefox – I (for example, Windows Internet Explorer ) visit . There , systems and languages ​​are automatically detected and the appropriate issue into Firefox is the best advice .
  2. In another language or Firefox to install a different operating system recommended if you want to , ” Other Systems and Languages” click .
  3. Firefoxkurul içinyeşil Click the button to download the file . Depending on your connection speed it may take a few minutes to download . Thank you for your patience … it will be worth the wait !
  4. Tıklayarakyükl start the process run . It is recommended that you close all other running programs .
  5. You will be greeted with a welcome window . ( We tried as much as possible my düzgünişle ) INSTALLAT Click Next to continue .