Free Mozilla Firefox Download

Free Mozilla Firefox Download

“Free Mozilla Firefox Download” – Free Mozilla Firefox Download the version of the Free Mozilla Firefox Download browser provides a significant increase in speed and a new design


The Internet browser Free Mozilla Firefox Download is due to the ease of use and variety of features such as add- ons for the most popular browser among the readers of and enjoying the Internet due to its flexibility a large following . “Free Mozilla Firefox Download” now available for download.

Free Mozilla Firefox Download has the new Free Mozilla Firefox Download provided in version for download. The browser will probably be during the day on the website to be available and should be shipped later this week via automatic update. The changes are more manageable for this version but for normal users. On Mac OSX , the browser reports now also in the notification center of the operating system . In addition, the volume control on the HTML 5 player was adjusted to achieve a better service.

Free Mozilla Firefox Download – On board now is the support for the video codec VP9 and Opus for sound files in WebM container files . In HTML 5 reproductions subtitles can now be shown when it is set to WebVTT . The changes also affect the mobile version of the browser . In addition, the Awesombar can now be permanently displayed there. In addition, the text selection has been improved. For Free Mozilla Firefox Download then you can already look forward to the introduction of the new surface Australis , which was announced previously . For a long time “Free Mozilla Firefox Download” struggling with performance problems. In six weeks, but should be ready. All that and closed the vulnerabilities can be read in the changelog.

Background for Free Mozilla Firefox Download

Free Mozilla Firefox Download is a popular and free Internet browser of the “Free Mozilla Firefox Download” project . Free Mozilla Firefox Download is developed since 2002 and especially in English-speaking supremacy . Especially the possibility to extend Free Mozilla Firefox Download via plugins , has brought many Internet users to switch from Internet Explorer to Free Mozilla Firefox Download. “Free Mozilla Firefox Download” uses the Gecko rendering engine and can also visually adapt by themes. After the launch of Free Mozilla Firefox Download developers moved to Rapid- release model . Every six weeks will see a new version of the browser as a final version , while Aurora and Beta also move up a step . Our topic page provides all the news, reviews and downloads on Free Mozilla Firefox Download.