Free Download Firefox

Free Download Firefox

“Free Download Firefox” – Free Download Firefox Mozilla is a free user interface for web applications


This developed by the “Free Download Firefox” project internet browser is suitable for viewing web pages on the Internet , as well as documents and other data and has grown to become one of the most popular free web browser, is now part of the openSUSE default .


One of the many capabilities of the features of this web browser is tabbed browsing , among others . “Free Download Firefox” that is, it is possible that several internet pages within an application window can be opened simultaneously . Furthermore, let news sources directly integrate , create , and manage bookmarks , fast forward and backward of Free Download Firefox , search with keywords in the address bar and much more.

The “Free Download Firefox” also offers the opportunity to expand on extensions / plugins in the functional fully exploit capabilities of the Web browser , such as the navigation through mouse gestures. It is impossible to list everything here what this web browser functions has everything that is beyond the scope of the Wiki article. There are, however, the possibility of  External Links or to seek the required information using the search engine of their choice.

The available since Free Download Firefox function for automatic program update is disabled in the packages of openSUSE in favor of RPM updates via YaST Online Update .

Pro-Linux Free Download Firefox with numerous improvements enabled private browsing , a new download manager and a first WebRTC component in the area. The new version should also be faster than their predecessors.

KDE4 integration of Free Download Firefox

Since Free Download Firefox is the most popular browser in openSUSE users , it is from openSUSE 11.2 and KDE is the default web browser. For openSUSE 11.2 KDE team has invested a lot of work in the integration of Free Download Firefox in KDE 4 .

“Free Download Firefox” Thus, the standard file dialogs are used, the selection of external software uses KDE programs such as ocular and notifications running on the KDE systems.

GNOME3 integration

Since Free Download Firefox is very popular with openSUSE users who have been with release of GNOME 3 by the GNOME team is a lot of work spent on the browser in the work environment to be integrated.

Tips and Tricks

Disable IPv6 !

If you do not need the support for IPv6 in Free Download Firefox , you can turn this off. Since most DNS servers can still use IPv4 result in a speed improvement.

  1. Type in the address bar about: config and press Enter .
  2. Enter the filter box ipv6 .
  3. Highlight network.dns.disableIPv6 and call you with the right mouse button pop-up menu.
  4. There select switch to set the value from False to True.