Firefox 2019

Firefox 2019

“Firefox” – The English-language version of the open source Firefox browser that allows you to surf safely and quickly through the Internet . As an Internet Explorer competitor Firefox has long been established – he surpassed the Microsoft browser in most disciplines.


The open source project is constantly being improved by lively community and further developed. Numerous extensions that you can increase the default functions arbitrarily , contribute to its popularity and dissemination of Mozilla Firefox.

Surfing MADE EASY with FIREFOX, Smart Location Bar

Get in quickly to your favorite sites by Firefox – even if the URLs can not remember. Enter a search term in the address bar ( which we refer to as the ” Awesome Bar ” in Firefox) and the function for autocompletion offers matching sites from your browsing history , from pages that you have saved as a bookmark , and from the open tabs in a selection of list in Firefox.

The address bar from Firefox and learns over time , it adapts to your preferences and offers better results . We have improved it so you get more control over the results ( including privacy settings ) , and the speed is increased, so you find what you need even faster.

Improved user interface

We are always looking for ways to make surfing easier for you and more efficient. Read on to learn more about the latest enhancements :

Tabs at the top
Tabs in Firefox are above the Awesome Bar so that you can more easily focus on the content of the pages that you visit .

(Windows and Linux) “Firefox” button
All your menu items can now be found for the purpose of quick access under a single button .

Bookmarks button
Manage your bookmarks via a single button. Find your favorite websites in Firefox without having to make long detours !

Simplified Reload / Stop button – Firefox
Your Awesome Bar now features one easy button to stop loading pages or reload pages .

Home button
The Home button Firefox has been moved to the right side of the search box .


Firefox update

The new browser Firefox comes with no visible changes , but merely fixes security vulnerabilities. The only new firefox under the hood is the support of the audio codecs VP9 . One for Windows 8 touch – opimierte version has been postponed.

All changes and new features can be found in the official release notes , as they become available .

Stay in sync with Firefox

Sync seamlessly connects the Firefox on your computer and your mobile device so you can access your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and even your open tabs no matter which device you use. Access years of surfing on your computer at – from the first day on which you switch on your mobile device – and use saved passwords from your computer to fill out forms on your phone.

Now you can surf the internet on your computer, get up in the middle and you wait your open tabs on your mobile device on you, just as you left them. You will never surf the same again! Learn more about Sync or get Firefox on your mobile phone.


Firefox has only one function : Quick and surf the Internet safely – and that is better than ever with the latest version ….