Firefox Update

Firefox Update

“Firefox Update” – Firefox Update 2014 New Firefox stuffs 18 security holes

Firefox Update is now available for download. The new version of the browser stuffs 18 vulnerabilities , of which five manufacturers “Firefox Update” has provided the highest level of risk. Firefox Update users should upgrade their browser so fast. Anyone who surfs with an outdated model on the Internet, runs the risk of control of the computer to online criminals to lose.

The new “Firefox Update” resolves five as critical classified security vulnerabilities. Three other leaks in stages as high enough ein.Schon the Firefox Updatecreators of the Call of a manipulated website to infect a PC with Trojans . A trojan can copy passwords and credit card numbers from forms . Criminals could take with this information e- mail accounts and evacuate bank accounts.

Also be closed with Firefox Update many weaknesses of the previous versions , zuschanzen about the attackers elevated user rights on the operating system or bring the browser to crash deliberately and could block .

Set Firefox Update app for Windows 8

Originally, will release with Firefox Update 2014 , the Firefox Update app for the Surface tablet from Microsoft. The project was , however, rated for lack of test joyful user of Chief Architect Jonathan Nightingale as uninteresting and consequently adjusted .

In terms of other innovations Firefox Update grabbed his browser still new video codecs in that match the VP9 standard and are intended to provide better video quality. And users of Mac OS X recently received messages via the built- in operating system notification center.

Update Firefox Update

Mozilla Firefox Update is available for the operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Who is already using the previous version of web browser, the update can trigger by clicking on Help / About Firefox  . The free download is also available via the browser center of .

By the way, plugged in the new “Firefox Update” browser Telekom. The web browser has more features for maximum comfort and surf Internet security , such as direct access to all major telecom services and an integrated e -mail screen .