Mozilla Firefox pulls the Plug-Smartphone

Mozilla Firefox pulls the plug Smartphone

The Firefox developers Mozilla admits the failure of his own operating system in the smartphone market. The share of the smartphone business remained far behind Android and Apple.

San Francisco. Phones with the operating system Firefox OS will no longer be sold through mobile phone operators, said Mozilla Manager Ari Jaaksi late Tuesday the technology blog “TechCrunch”. But in the future there should be “new experiments” with networked devices.

Mozilla Firefox OS was introduced in 2013. The phones were initially meant as a cheap smartphones, especially for developing and emerging countries. They were taken, inter alia in Latin America, in Africa and in Europe, for example in Poland on the market. However, smartphones were the dominant Google system Android always cheaper, what Firefox OS quickly took the wind out of the sails.

The share of the smartphone business remained microscopically. At the same time well connected TVs from Panasonic run with Firefox OS. In June Mozilla CEO Chris Beard had set for the new version of Firefox OS “Ignite” new goals. The idea of ​​a 25-dollar smartphone was off the table. The system should no longer primarily aimed at low-cost smart phones and other networked devices run on, it said.

Difficulties in the development of

But even then difficulties loomed in the development. So had the charge of the Firefox OS-development technical director Andreas Gal, a Hungarian-German computer scientist, left the organization in the direction of start-ups.

“Mozilla Firefox” pulls the Plug-Smartphone – In the smartphone sales Android dominates with a market share of over 80 percent. Apple iPhone comes with its approximately 15 percent, but has secured the majority of the profits in the industry, because the group waived cheap devices. Other operating systems have a hard time. Microsoft with its Windows Phone came in the recent ranking of the IT market researcher IDC just 2.2 percent.

Firefox OS came at IDC along with other systems under the heading “Other” with a combined market share of 0.8 percent. The small vendors are struggling with massive problems. The smartphone pioneer BlackBerry is considering abandoning its own system in the smartphone market and switch to Android. The company Jolla, which markets based on a Nokia-development system Sailfish, wants to renovate in a bankruptcy.

“Mozilla Firefox” pulls the Plug-Smartphone


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