Firefox OS

Firefox OS

“Firefox OS” – A year after the launch of mobile phone sets after the offensive of Firefox Mozilla Foundation Mozilla Later this year will bring a smart phone for 25 dollars on the market . As a partner , the Foundation has the Chinese manufacturer Spreadtrum selected . When is it exactly should give the 25 dollar smartphone, the manufacturer is not said.

Devices to the mobile operating system Firefox OS is now available in 15 countries. “At the end of the year will be 27 countries there ,” said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla “Firefox OS” Manager at the start of the Mobile World Congress (MWC ) in Barcelona.

That there is the “Firefox OS” equipment already in 15 countries , is a moderate success . Because so far had little buyer selection . Not even a handful of manufacturers play the software on their devices. Only ZTE, GeeksPhone , Alcatel and LG were one of the Firefox providers.

Nevertheless, the outsider system seems to have struck a nerve. The Spanish operator Telefónica reports already that in Venezuela accounts for twelve percent of its smartphone sales to Firefox phones. There were nine percent in Colombia .

Firefox OS based HTML5 on web technology

In such markets, Firefox OS its strengths . The system is based on the HTML5 web technology that bypasses extremely economical with the resources of a mobile phone . The result: A Firefox OS smartphone works with cheap components and weak processors.

In this way, the prices for Firefox smartphones slip well below 100 euros . iPhones and phones running Google’s Android operating system can not keep up . These systems require simply too much memory and so much computing power that they can not do anything with the cheap chips.

For the launch of Firefox OS a year ago in Barcelona 18 mobile network operators had to announce Firefox OS , including the German Telekom , Telefónica , América Móvil , China Unicom, Hutchison , Sprint , Telecom Italia and Telenor. Four of them have already devices on offer , more to follow this year.

Firefox OS – Official review


The launch took Telefónica last July , selling their Firefox OS mobile phones now in Spain, Chile , Venezuela , Colombia and Brazil. The German Telekom provides Firefox smartphones to interested parties in Poland, Greece , Hungary and the subsidiary Congstar also in Germany . Telecom Italia sells the devices in their own country . And Telenor has introduced in Serbia , Montenegro and Hungary Firefox.

Firefox OS phones can do much

Thus, the “Firefox OS” smartphones are targeted at buyers who use their phones for the first time with the internet. This Firefox OS phones can all that other smartphones can : surf the net, send emails , browse, film, photograph and play.

Firefox phones have their own Firefox OS Marketplace, can be downloaded from the new applications on the device . In contrast to Apple’s iPhone and Android smartphones , users of Firefox phones can also install apps from other sites.

For development environments this is tempting , can they market this way their applications itself , without having to submit to an App- Store. For there they have to stick to strict rules , which always leads to delays in the approval .

The rules of the app stores , network operators must also submit , if they wish to submit applications. With Firefox OS also they get back more control over the smartphone.