Firefox Mozilla

Firefox Mozilla

“Firefox Mozilla” Firefox Mozilla – With the new version of Firefox Mozilla of the alleged best free open – source browser Firefox is not only safe , but also quickly surf through the vastness of the Internet and take advantage of numerous enhancements.


The free Internet browser Firefox Mozilla is available in the current Firefox Mozilla to download and offers some new features and optimizations. With the Firefox Mozilla you will receive a browser that has long been the former standard Microsoft Internet Explorer suspended and benefited by its open-source concept of the large user and developer community.

Conclusion for Firefox Mozilla

The leap from Firefox Mozilla to Firefox Mozilla was not a very big hit . Firefox Mozilla finally entered against one of the most common allegations: Firefox Mozilla is too slow. And with Firefox Mozilla screwed with support from Google on to the right places , especially the completely redesigned Add- on Manager is a download absolutely worth it. The changes in Firefox Mozilla accelerated the browser again with bug fixes and type inference . Firefox Mozilla is particularly suitable for users who demand speed on the net value . And with Firefox Mozilla to include not only dangerous vulnerabilities , but scots thanks HTTPS support from the google search in the browser . In the update to version of Firefox Mozilla , especially the graphics and the display were made concerning improvements , and the speed improved.

And Firefox Mozilla is especially for the Facebook integration . In Firefox Mozilla integrated for the first time in a final version of a PDF reader . Firefox Mozilla revised download manager vigorously . The most important innovation of the Firefox Mozilla is the Health Report ( FHR) , which transmits a wide variety of performance data to Firefox Mozilla. If you do not want, you can disable the transmission . As of Firefox Mozilla, the WebRTC technology has been integrated, which enables you to use the webcam and microphone without additional programs.

Tips for downloading and updating an existing Firefox Mozilla browser

The download and installation of the Firefox Mozilla browser will replace your existing version . A de-installation is not necessary, nor how to back up bookmarks, gradients, or passwords. After downloading , please run the program and follow the instructions of the installation routine.

Alternative browser

Of course, the classic Microsoft Internet Explorer has to remain as a solid alternative to Firefox Mozilla. But the fast and leaner Opera browser such as Google Chrome are quite worth a look . Above all, Google’s Chrome is also worth a look . The free browser from the search engine giant has Firefox Mozilla in December 2011 for the first time overtaken in terms of distribution (26 % and 25 % market share) .