Firefox for Windows

Firefox for Windows

“Firefox for Windows” – Firefox for Windows Mozilla Firefox browser missed fresh look. New user interface for Firefox for Windows: Mozilla has finally made it and starts with Firefox for Windows, the long-awaited re-design. What the beta browser has to offer you , shows the practice test


Every six weeks is Mozilla out a fresh version of Firefox for Windows ; stunning new there are rarely seen. This time you are getting thrilled : With Firefox for Windows Mozilla is the highly anticipated Australis design before .

Already in the summer of 2011 appeared the first drafts of the new user interface. After “Firefox for Windows” has postponed several times the planned release due to technical difficulties , the lights are now green.

“Firefox for Windows” is still in the beta phase and a guarantee of the final version including Australis design on 2014 does not exist. In general, the changes in the beta , however, are already sufficiently mature .

Firefox for Windows?

After “Firefox for Windows” got 20 already donated a new download window , the developers devote to the project, the rest Australis Probably the most noticeable changes are the redesigned tabs and the options menu.

Restart the browser for the first time , the eye-opening effect lasts probably limited. Reason Firefox for Windows: The new tab design and the Settings icon remember at first sight strongly to Chrome. Only on closer inspection, you notice differences .

The new browser menu stands out clearly from the other hand : The intuitive control “Firefox for Windows” thanks convinced of clearly labeled function keys.

Less is more Firefox for Windows

In order to ease operation also includes the number of directly visible controls to limit to a minimum and to curtail the adaptability of the browser something . For example by Firefox for Windows, falls the Add-on bar changes to the victim.

For better personalizability Firefox for Windows donated for a revised dialog box to adjust the toolbars and buttons . Users can intuitively decide which menu items they place in the address bar of the browser. As an introduction to the new look , click the Options a “guided ” tour of all the changes.

Firefox for Windows Sync

The times in which we took advantage of a program exclusively on a computer , thanks to cloud , smartphone and tablet past – a function to synchronize data is now standard . How this can be implemented reasonable for browser , Chrome shows : The competitor from the house of Google has already blossomed with Firefox for Windows for Everywhere browser.

While Firefox for Windows also had longer a synchronization service on board , but was the only be set up cumbersome. The figures speak for themselves : So far, only one percent of Firefox for Windows users use the sync function of the browser. The new Mozilla Firefox for Windows Sync simplifies the process .

To share bookmarks, history , settings & Co. between different devices , you need a so-called henceforth Firefox for Windows account you create when you first set up the function. Specifying an email address and a password is enough.

With “Firefox for Windows” , the service is initially only available to users who have the sync function is not activated yet. Stock users should change in a later version to the new Firefox for Windows Sync .