Firefox for Mac OS

Firefox for Mac OS

“Firefox for Mac OS” – Firefox for Mac OS Mozilla has released Firefox for Mac OS . We have to download the Safari alternative for you.


In Pictures: Foxy – The best add- ons for Firefox for Mac OS

In addition to the Safari browser other solutions are forgotten on the Mac OS often , with which it can be at least as good surf on the Internet. As a competitor , the Mozilla “Firefox for Mac OS” browser has been established .

The open source project is constantly being improved by lively community and further developed. Numerous extensions that you can increase the default functions arbitrarily , contribute to its popularity and dissemination of Firefox for Mac OS.

Currently : Version Firefox for Mac OS

The new browser version Firefox for Mac OS comes with no visible changes , but merely fixes security vulnerabilities. The only new feature under the hood is the support of the audio codecs VP9 . All changes and new features can be found in the official release notes , as they become available .

Firefox for Mac OS – Gamblers browser and Others

That one with the subject Firefox for Mac OS web gaming very seriously, show the manufacturer’s efforts to integrate sophisticated games technology in the browser. So “Firefox for Mac OS” announced recently that the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 and 5 Unity run in the browser .

It is not surprising that the developers are working on an interface that enables communication between the browser and gamepads . For testing purposes, is the already since Firefox for Mac OS on board , but only now released final and default.

To try to find an easy demo on the net. Now only the manufacturers of browser games have yet to follow suit. In addition, the new version of the browser yet comes with a whole bunch of new features for developers , such as Firefox for Mac OS says.

Tempo -Check : How fast is Firefox for Mac OS

Marinated Firefox for Mac OS with the two previous versions continuously pace , “Firefox for Mac OS” will pause at this point . The benchmark test of ” ” test version is at the same level as Firefox for Mac OS However, there is a very early version of the beta . Until the end of Firefox for Mac OS 2014 appears to come quite a few updates. Enough time for the developers , here are a replacement.

The SunSpider benchmarks , V8 and Octane Check the speed of presentation of JavaScript. The Acid3 test analyzes the conformity to current web standards. Peacekeeper (Pk ) will focus on HTML5 elements . In SunSpider , a low value (in seconds ) better – for V8 , Octane , Peacekeeper and Acid3 a high value (in points / runs ) .


Depending on the hardware used includes the results of the benchmarks vary. The test PC “Firefox for Mac OS” : Notebook with Intel Pentium T2390 (1.86 GHz) , three gigabytes of RAM and Windows 8 (32 bit).


Firefox for Mac OS has only one function : Quick and surf the Internet safely – and succeeds very well.