Firefox for Linux

Firefox for Linux

“Firefox for Linux” – Firefox for Linux is one of the most popular browsers , and not without reason: The Firefox for Linux browser offers fast page , ease of use and security , as well as many convenient features and a wide range of plugins and themes .


A central authorization manager you specify convenient store which websites cookies , open pop-ups or are authorized to consult your location. Thanks to a well thought-out Facebook integration replying to messages, and friend requests without having to switch between tabs and windows . With the online synchronization Sync keep add- ons , bookmarks, passwords , settings, and history of several “Firefox for Linux” installations on the same stand Convenient: Firefox for Linux brings a viewer for PDF documents – additional viewer like Adobe readers are therefore no longer necessary.

Firefox for Linux – All new, all good ?

The most recent large optical refresher is a good three years back (Firefox for Linux) – in the IT world, an eternity. After many changes under the hood now provides a good opportunity to bring the browser externally on the amount of time .

This Firefox for Linux pursues a minimalist approach : as little as possible controls and plenty of space for page content. The disadvantage is that there is less room for personal customization. Basically, the new design is indeed chic and contemporary, original it is not.

Firefox for Linux – But it has the advantage that it is geared to the current usage habits : Comprised of three bars or elements menu icon has prevailed in recent years with many websites , programs and apps as a quasi- standard.

The position of the menu buttons follows the current trend : Google , Facebook, Chrome, IE & Co., no matter where you look , the configuration dialog at the top right . With the orange – colored “Firefox for Linux” button in the upper left corner , however, the browser loses a unique identifier . Firefox for Linux what remains is the unique selling point of the separate search window.

Finally, there is something new to see! The surface of “Firefox for Linux” has a sophisticated and contemporary. But whether this meets with all users on reciprocal love , may be doubted. Thanks to the adaptability of “Firefox for Linux” you build the program with add- ons such as Classic Theme Restorer in doubt quickly get back .

The new synchronization function corresponds finally to date , especially in times of cross-device usage of software was a revision is urgently needed.

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Compared to the previous Firefox for Linux comes as a stopgap . From a user perspective brings “Firefox for Linux” little changes: Aside from the security enhancements lacks innovation.

While the support of new video and audio codecs is laudable , but to 4K content everyday on the net, quite a few Firefox for Linux versions come out.