Firefox for iOS

Firefox for iOS

“Firefox for iOS”:¬†Firefox has worked for iOS but How does the new iPhone browser…

Now there is an informal device iPhone and Firefox first test version for iPad users to gejailbreak. Beta application can be made through alternative app store Cydia. It does not come directly from Mozilla, though, but the manufacturer has released based on the open source code on GitHub.

Firefox comes as the latest version of the App Store

But it is not yet known when it will be – Mozilla officially the App Store, will present the latest version for all users. Unofficial beta and look at us already reason enough to provide the impression of this photo gallery.

Install Firefox for iOS

Initially, Mozilla Firefox actually did not want to port to iOS. Must use their own rendering engine develops an alternative browser for iOS, but must rely on WebKit as Safari: Why Apple is a version. But actually uses the Mozilla Gecko.

Apparently by now standard WebEngine agreed to spread Firefox and iOS iOS version manufacturer can do.