Firefox Download 2016

Firefox Download 2016

Firefox shows that the development of the popular open-source browser progresses. We have the latest update! Find Firefox Download 2016 as a free download: In Firefox tinkers under the hood the Gecko rendering engine, which is to provide faster starts, meaner side structure and accelerated Tab switching. A big advantage is that “Firefox Download 2016” is trimmed to W3C compatibility and the Acid2 test is without a murmur. Firefox Download 2016 – Forms can now see even under Mac OS X and Linux from how spick and span, and with a new offline mode Web sites can also be used without Internet.

     The Firefox developers

Since browser vulnerabilities to gateway number 1 have become for malware, the Firefox Download 2016 developers tinker busy working on new protection mechanisms. Even when downloading executables Firefox notifies installed virus scanner. By clicking on the favicon Firefox Download 2016 displays information about the owner of the website. In addition, well resolved in Firefox Download 2016: Permissions for pop-ups, graphics and addons can be here quickly adapt to the current web page, and even passwords for the site can be seen in an overview.


Firefox Download 2016 – warns when visiting malware sites. Not only the color of the address bar changes, now the entire display area is papered with a big warning. A major new release of Firefox Download 2016 is the bookmark and History management Places. Impetus for the full refurbishment of this component are user studies from the late 90s, in which only 1 to 3 percent of users at all bookmarks and history used. Firefox Download 2016 – An asterisk behind the address bar is now considering a mouse click on a bookmark. The second click on the star allows to edit the bookmark.


Firefox Download 2016 – Each bookmark can assign multiple users Tags, which can be then simply browse. Called About the Smart Places, in the German version of Firefox Download 2016 simple Places, you can access frequently used pages, or on terms, according to which you have recently searched.

Firefox Download 2016


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