Firefox Download 2015

Firefox Download 2015

“Firefox Download 2015”:¬†Firefox browser interface¬†Latest interface “Firefox”-There are already on board with Facebook most important functions. Facebook Messenger for Firefox to enable the website, are the views of the next chat sidebar news feed.

If you comment on or “like” you can press a large window opens, move the mouse cursor over a message. Management of your friend requests and messages are just a click. Continuous transition between the use of social networks instead of tabs and windows, so you have everything in the right view.

Very good security

Surfing is an important aspect of security. In ad hoc mode downloaded file or other user data, cookies, Chronicle surf the internet without passwords “Firefox download” allows. If a few people in public places and other computer, or if you share a computer with surfing, it will protect your privacy. Individual windows with special mode for actual use Firefox browser and can be targeted to open in parallel. Convenient: a website using the custom mode you right click on a link in the context menu.


Tracking cookies by Mozilla Firefox

If desired, also known as “tracking cookies” to prevent the creation. To view these files to collect information about you and your surfing behavior personalized ads. ” Mozilla Firefox” They way to go with this data theft. ISS has no chance of “Firefox 2015” option to search in Google using the encrypted HTTPS connection is the default. Comfortable thanks to an Authorization Manager password, you can set cookies or location data stored in any website. Go annoying pop-up windows for the same place at the bank.

Origin site can be checked carefully before installation. Is recognized by distributing malware or other suspicious applications “Download Firefox” page to warn. Get links to eavesdrop on the current site, the address bar shows a direct link symbol: a gray lock active SSL encryption. If the icon is green, it is very reliable magazine. A URL of the highlighted area helps to identify more rogue connections.