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“Firefox Browser” – Firefox Browser alcatel stops updates for smartphone OS with Firefox Browser


The smartphone maker Alcatel has confirmed that this is to get under “Firefox Browser” running One Touch Fire no update to Firefox Browservendors may Mozilla wants to intervene .

The customer service of the smartphone maker Alcatel informs users that the One Touch Fire is not upgraded to Firefox Browser , such as the Polish blog reports . Thus, a questioning for updates client received the response from the customer service Sorry did we have no plan to upgrade the Alcatel One Touch Fire to Firefox Browser.

For owners of the device , this represents an economic total loss : The special drama this announcement arises from the fact that “Firefox Browser” was provided by Mozilla’s pages as stopgap solution. Only Firefox Browser brings improved developer tools and a much more performant 3D interface – 3D games can only be achieved to a very limited under 1.1.

In the development mailing list a fierce debate about the future of the device is kindled . A Mozilla closely associated participants emphasized that one part of the operating system vendor trying to animate Alcatel least for offering “Firefox Browser”. However, for the person concerned is a rather cold comfort , because Mozilla Firefox Browser has the delivery of Firefox Browser repeatedly postponed and not even called an official date for 1.3 – [Update : ] so that means a promise from the previous summer , every three months a new to bring version , like Android , that these versions are also available for all devices.Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser developers are about this announcement naturally not pleased , but makes for a good part of the Alcatel device users from . The scientific calculator TouchCalc the author of this message To account for nearly 50 percent of the traffic on the Fire. The high market share of the device means that developers find it difficult to renounce the owner of Alcatel phone. Thus, the use of the new app manager is impossible , because it presupposes on the part of the phone Firefox Browser.

Firefox Browser this situation is not satisfactory in all respects. Who is developing an Android app , lives because of the enormous range forcibly with fragmentation . With a total population of around 200 000 “Firefox Browser” equipment the bill is different: Any increase in expenses here leads to substantially reduced profit margins.

Alcatel has told heise online confirmed that the One Touch Fire no update on Firefox Browser is obtained . Upon publication of 1.3 would be used to check whether an update seems useful .  With these sales, Alcatel was very satisfied , collaboration with Firefox Browser was  expanding.