Firefox Add-ons

Firefox Add-ons

“Firefox Add-ons”Mozilla Firefox Download provides a collection of essential extensions that belong in every Firefox Add-ons.

In the open-source browser “Firefox Add-ons” , the selection of extensions has reached an unmanageable number . In our package you will find , therefore, the ten most important add- ons that belong in every Firefox Add-ons.

In the collection , among other enhancements are included that make surfing safer advertising block , retrofitted download features or let Firefox Add-ons look simply beautiful.

Keeps you up to date , not pure program files, but a virtual compilation are included in the package . So you always have the latest add-on version available , eg after reinstalling the browser .

To download the must- haves in your Firefox Add-ons

So that you can download the ” Firefox must-haves ” in your Firefox , you must install the Add- on Collector first. Once you have created an account, you can use the deposited behind the download button collection by clicking on “Add to Favourites” Subscribe .

Now, the top ten are under ” Tools> Add- ons listed > Subscriptions .” You can select each of the extensions included and “Add to Firefox Add-ons” to install with one click.

Mozilla’s this year’s Amp Your “Firefox Add-ons” contest

is over, selected the winning add-ons. In our gallery we present all excellent apps, also you can try the browser extensions directly. Prizes were awarded to four add-ons in various disciplines. including the best theme or the best extension for the Android mobile Firefox Add-ons.

We are looking for the best add-on of the year Firefox Add-ons

Have you found an extension that you like the most? Over the weekend, any Firefox Add-ons users still cast his vote for the “Best Overall Add-on”.


With this collection you upgrade your Firefox Add-ons from the best to the Web securely to surf quickly and easily.