Firefox 2016 for Windows

Firefox 2016 for Windows

Windows 10 is inserted, a further possibility of the assignment of standard programs, which requires a little more clicks and greater familiarity with the interface of the operating system. Mozilla has reacted with Firefox for Windows 10, some blurred vision and a development process of add-on security has a simple install Firefox.

Add-certification: Mozilla tries to make their addons safer by introducing certification. Developers now have a set of standards if they want to continue to their add-ons. This standardization should reduce malicious hacks (not that there are many to begin).

Search Utility Box: On the right side of the address bar is a field that accepts queries. The advantage over Chrome is that sites like IMDB, Amazon, Wikipedia and search directly, without first (or load. This is useful if you have an uneven or weak connector data, or if you do not want Google to connect your research.


Smooth navigation options: Chrome clusters their attitudes on one side, with small fonts and an incompatible mix of buttons, links and checkboxes. However, Firefox settings are correct classified and subcategorized with tabs and a left pane. If you want further explanations for this parameter is, just click on the question mark box in the lower right corner of the page options.

Improved security passwords: protect Unlike Chrome, the passwords that you record is encrypted in Firefox, and you can use a master password. This function is not to transfer your passwords in a cloud storage system, unless you, the Firefox Sync is optional and may want to use operate with local sides Firefox password storage.

Scroll flexible: Whether you scroll with the mouse wheel, the arrow keys or the Page Up / Page Down, Firefox moves the web page from top to bottom with a sliding action that’s easier to follow makes it look like you on the to change side. It’s not as smooth scrolling in Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft edge, but it is better that the nervous technique Chrome.