Firefox 2016 for Mac

Firefox 2016 for Mac


“Firefox 2016 MAC” has only one function: the fast and secure surfing on the Internet – and doing very gut.Mozilla “Firefox 2016” released for Mac OS. We have to download Safari alternative for you.

In addition to the Safari browser alternatives are forgotten on the Mac OS often, with which it can be at least as good surf on the Internet. As a competitor, Mozilla Firefox browser has been established.

“Mozilla Firefox for Mac” genuine alternative to Safari

The open source project is constantly being improved by a community and encourage further development. Numerous extensions allow you to increase the standard features as desired, to contribute to the popularity and spread of “Firefox”.


Recent changes

With the upgrade to the new version 43.x Mozilla improves the tracking protection of its Firefox 2016 for Mac browser. In addition to some vulnerabilities, which can be closed with the update, the new version now explicitly indicate whether an add-on is not verified. These are now disabled by default in Firefox 2016 for Mac. Would you use the extension list, touch about: config in the address bar and put the item “xpinstall.signatures.required” to “false”.


The “Mac OS” security function gatekeeper to prevent Firefox 2016 for Mac OS X 10.7.5 and later possibly the opening of this software.