Firefox 2015 for Windows

Firefox 2015 for Windows

“Firefox 2015 for Windows”: “Firefox”: the most popular browser in the world.

Mozilla browser, fast page layout, ease of use and safety as well as many practical features and offers a wide range of plugins and themes. Cookies, authorization manager of a central website which convenient store, open pop-ups or specify your location to ask permission.

Facebook integration

Tabs and messages without the need to switch between windows or friend requests. Online synchronization “Sync” add-ons, bookmarks, passwords, settings, the same level of a few “Firefox” to keep the facilities chronicle Practice: “Firefox” brings a viewer for PDF documents – additional viewer like Adobe. readers are no longer needed.


About Firefox

Mozilla browser, according to current Web standards (such as HTML5 and CSS3) is being developed because almost all web pages are displayed correctly: Its popularity is partly “Firefox” has excellent technical implementation.

Its popularity owes its open source projects and advanced security concepts: While inexperienced users can rely on fair value, professional and sophisticated enough room for a snack and rights management. Also known as “Firefox” when viewing PDF documents, for example, used a modern JavaScript engines. Extra gentle shift (“smooth scrolling”) creates a pleasant feeling of reading – just a web page to “fly” as well.


“Firefox” office and improve workflow in daily life provides a range of practical features: When writing a URL in the address bar of a residual effect of autocomplete adds’ll want to visit. Thus, usually only a few letters to achieve the desired website.

Tabs group function

Thus, all open tabs will be displayed in a browser window, and if the group can be summarized by Drag & Drop. Each group corresponds to a browser window, tabs are located here and the web page window. Always very clear overview of web pages you are. If you go back to the relevant tab is only to save memory and speed up browser startup, the “Firefox” invites sites.