Firefox 2015 for Linux

Firefox 2015 for Linux

“Firefox 2015 for Linux”: Now Update: Firefox browser is available for Linux, Version 36.0.1. and higher…

In an open source software that can surf the Internet,? Firefox Linux & Co. A web browser ideal for Open source project developed by a vibrant community and developed continuously. If you can enlarge the number of extensions of arbitrary standard functions, contributes to the popularity and spread of Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox: This update brings 36.x

Firefox 36.x version of the new HTTP / 2 protocol comes with support. We also now sync tiles “New Tab” is. Otherwise, check out the official release notes yet, it changes and new features, unable to find their way into the new version.


Result: Mozilla Firefox 36 has only one function: a fast and secure way to surf the internet – and succeeds very well.