Firefox 2014 For Windows

Firefox 2014 For Windows

“Firefox 2014 For Windows” – Windows for Firefox Mozilla Firefox browser hijacked a fresh look . New user interface for Firefox for Windows : Mozilla and Windows finally made it , for the long-awaited redesign begins with Firefox browser what you can offer, practice test shows


Every six weeks, a fresh version of Firefox 2014 For Windows out ; There are stunning new rare . If you are getting excited about this one : Firefox 2014 For Windows before, with the highly anticipated Australis design.

Already in the summer of 2011 appeared the first draft of the new user interface . For Windows ” Firefox 2014 For Windows” drop planned due to technical difficulties postponed several times , then the green light now .

” Firefox 2014 For Windows ” and the 2014 which is still in beta stage , including the final version of the design on the Australis there are no guarantees . In general, beta changes , already mature enough .

Firefox 2014 For Windows ?

” Firefox 2014 For Windows ” has already donated a new download window , then probably the most noticeable yeni from the Australis vesenek menu tabs are designed , to devote to the project .

First restart , eye-opening effect is probably limited time . Why Firefox 2014 For Windows : Chrome new tab icon design are strongly cemented carbide remember at first glance . Only on closer inspection, you notice the differences .

The new browser the other hand stands out clearly : clearly labeled function keys control iknasezgisel for Windows ” Firefox 2014 For Windows” Thanks .

Few more Firefox 2014 For Windows

To facilitate the process , but also the harmony of things at least to limit the browser controls to reduce appear directly provides . Firefox 2014 For Windows ,  falls on the bar changes .

Personalizability better Firefox 2014 For Windows and buttons to set the bar for the dialog revised spared . Users bar into intuitive menu items that you can decide . As an introduction to a new view , select Options a ” guided” tour here .

Sync Firefox 2014 For Windows

We only cloud on a computer , smartphone and tablet hangizam who took advantage of a program through the past – a function now standard for synchronizing data . How to apply reasonable for this browser , Chrome shows : Googleevindenrakip already everywhere there are flowers with Firefox 2014 For Windows .

Firefox 2014 For Windows on a long board had a synchronization service , when you choose not can be cumbersome when . The figures speak for themselves : so far , only one percent of Firefox 2014 For Windows users can use the function biritarayıcıeşitl . Windows Sync Firefox 2014 For Windows facilitates NEW Mozilla .

Between different devices , bookmarks, history , settings, and Co. , to share the account that you created when you set up your a pseudo hereinafter Firefox 2014 For Windows is required. Specifying an e -mail address and password is sufficient.

” Firefox 2014 For Windows” function initially only for users who have not yet active . Stock içiny new users for Firefox 2014 For Windows Sync, the next version of Windows will need to change .