Download Mozilla Firefox

Download Mozilla Firefox

“Download Mozilla Firefox” – Download Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers , and not without reason: The Download Mozilla Firefox browser offers fast page , ease of use and security , as well as many convenient features and a wide range of plugins and themes.


A central authorization manager you specify convenient store which websites cookies , open pop-ups or are authorized to consult your location. Thanks to a well thought-out Facebook integration replying to messages, and friend requests without having to switch between tabs and windows . With the online synchronization Sync keep add- ons , bookmarks, passwords , settings, and history of several ” Download Mozilla Firefox ” installations on the same stand Convenient: ” Download Mozilla Firefox” brings a viewer for PDF documents – additional viewer like Adobe readers are therefore no longer necessary.

Information about Download Mozilla Firefox

Its popularity owes including the excellent technical implementation of ” Download Mozilla Firefox” : Almost all web pages are displayed correctly , because the Download Mozilla Firefox browser according to the current Web is being developed ( such as HTML5 and CSS3 ) . Its popularity owes the open- source project and the sophisticated security concept : while novice users can rely on the reasonable values ​​, professionals have enough room for a sophisticated cookie and rights management . At the same time has Download Mozilla Firefox a modern JavaScript engine , which is used for example when displaying PDF documents. The ultra smooth scrolling ( ” smooth scrolling ” ) creates a pleasant feeling of reading – at the mere  fly over of a website.

Download Mozilla Firefox Functionality

Download Mozilla Firefox offers a number of practical features that improve the flow of work in the office and daily life: As you type in a URL , added an auto- completion for the address bar, the rest of the domain , you probably want to visit . As usually just a few characters to reach the desired website. With the Download Mozilla Firefox function all open tabs will be displayed in a browser window and can be combined via drag & drop in groups. Each group corresponds to a browser window , the web pages lying in the tabs of the window. You’re always with many open web pages an overview. To conserve memory and to accelerate the Browser Start , invites Download Mozilla Firefox web pages only when you go back to the corresponding tab .

Download Mozilla Firefox a file from the Internet, holding an info window on the status of your downloads to date. From here you can navigate to the location of the file or launch it by double clicking . The number of displayed Downloads remains limited to three. Restart the browser , Download Mozilla Firefox clears the list automatically . Do you want to access the complete download history , restart the library (either by selecting ” Show all downloads ” or by pressing Ctrl and J ).

Another feature of the “Download Mozilla Firefox” are the so-called  App Tabs  . Here, an open tab is minimized to a tiny icon in the tab bar on request. To save space and prevent accidental closing of the website. For users of the Aero interface of Windows, the browser keeps a more practical function ready : Move the mouse over the Download Mozilla Firefox icon in the task bar , all open tabs including Thumbnail displayed.

Download Mozilla Firefox is in the starting blocks : Who wants to try the Download Mozilla Firefox of the future, the beta invites now as download down .

For users who do not want to go and give up their bookmarks, offers Download Mozilla Firefox the Sync option. This allows you to transfer and match favorites , add- ons and browser settings across multiple computers . To surf on other people’s computers (eg on holiday) exactly as comfortable as home!

Download Mozilla Firefox – Facebook & Co.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Co. play an increasingly important role in the Download Mozilla Firefox is following this trend by ” Download Mozilla Firefox ” adds a social component , the so-called Social API . Its primary function is to display messages from social networks in the browser . About a sidebar comment on the posts of your friends or awarded likes . See something interesting on the net, just click to share the found object with your online contacts. Thanks to the new interface has the “Download Mozilla Firefox” the most important features of Facebook is already on board. Enable the Messenger for Download Mozilla Firefox on the Facebook website , you have in the sidebar next to the chat the news feed in views. Move the mouse pointer over a message , it opens a larger window in which you comment or click like. Also the management of your friend requests and messages is just a click away . Permanently switch between tabs and windows instead of using social networks , so you have everything right in the view .