Download Mozilla Firefox 2016

Download Mozilla Firefox 2016

Safe Internet experience with Firefox

Internet users’ private browsing feature that allows you to walk around on a secure and anonymous internet (hidden tabs or hidden window) for the first time using the print in golden letters the name of the browser as Download Mozilla Firefox 2016, this feature allows users to historical data, search history, passwords, downloads, while it cleans cookies and cached content is automatically turned off and never allow them to leave behind a trail of users. Download Mozilla Firefox 2016 – This way you do when you are not at your computer, your computer never to have any other information or data per person but will never reach your own.


Download Mozilla Firefox 2016 – Content security Apart from all these protection technologies against identity theft, providing antivirus and anti-malware integration also users with other advanced features like the much safer Internet experience, Download Mozilla Firefox 2016 is continuing to take its place among the top preferences of the user attaches importance to security.


Customization and Development Options

One of the best features of Download Mozilla “Firefox 2016” can be no doubt that we are on the user interface customization options. Right click on a toolbar just clicks or drag and drop you can easily carry it wherever you want help on Download “Mozilla Firefox 2016”, you can try different themes that you can use if you want to make a more colorful interface.

With built-in plugin search and download tool can also search for add-ons you want directly on your browser, you can install and start using. Even on the proposed additions to the page you can view and evaluate plug-ins by other users. If you are a developer or publisher Apart from all these, taking advantage of the open source browser support and advanced APIs that you have the chance to develop applications and plug-ins that can be used in “Download Mozilla Firefox 2016”.

Download Mozilla Firefox 2016 – In addition, fault protection crash protection or not you are working on all pages through the system might be called simply stopped issuing work on the problem page. In this way you are viewing other content, you can continue viewing after stopping the operation of the other problematic pages. At the same time the single tabbed browsing toolbar business structure located on the scanner that you can use to write both search and web-site addresses makes it a lot faster.

Download Mozilla Firefox 2016


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