Download Firefox Web Browser 2015

Download Firefox Web Browser 2015

“Download Firefox Web Browser 2015”: Security – Firefox could use more anonymous and secure on the Internet dream was a special feature for the first scanner to scan.

History, addiction, passwords, downloads, cookies, and cached content are all off. Reduce to a minimum the chance to steal your identity to another user or confidential information of the caller. Content security anti-phishing technology and anti-virus / anti-malware integration makes the browsing experience as safe as possible.


Customization and Development

One of the best features of Download Firefox Web Browser 2015 user interface customization. Just right click on the individual components to customize or simply drag and drop the items you want to move the navigation bar. Built Firefox Add-ons Manager to discover and view the browser and reviews, recommendations, and allows you to install plug-ins in the description. Download Firefox Web Browser 2015 – Read about the top recommended add-ons for Mozilla Firefox techbeat. Thousands of customizable themes and you can customize the look and feel of the browser. With Download Firefox Web Browser 2015 Mozilla’s open-source platform and advanced API for authors and developers to create advanced content and applications website.