Download Firefox 2016

Download Firefox 2016

Few web browser enjoy great popularity similar to Mozilla “Firefox 2016”. On many Windows and Linux systems, the browser can be found for a long time, it is now, however, used on an increasing number of Macs. Of course, you can surf the program through the websites visit crisp and classic – but beyond Mozilla Download Firefox 2016 provides a range of additional functions and comfort. Thus, among other things built PDF viewer and Pop-Up Blocker, management of bookmarks and tabbed browsing, refer to functions. Download Firefox 2016 – In the search box can be also integrated with a variety of search engines – including Google, Bing or Yahoo – Other Web Services to select browsed directly, for example, Wikipedia, Ebay, Amazon or online dictionary LEO.

User interface according to your taste, add-ons, bookmarks, tabs and more by Download Firefox 2016

The Mozilla “Download Firefox 2016” interface can be modified to the taste of the user visually using personas said extensions. Personas can refer directly to the Mozilla Download Firefox 2016 browser and install in no time. This is only one example of many when it comes to browser add-ons by little, make it more efficient or practical. In our special section with Firefox 2016 add-ons dilate find many more suggestions for practices Firefox 2016 extensions – video downloads, and blocker script spell checking are just a few examples.


Download Firefox 2016 – In almost all extensions, it does not matter whether Firefox 2016 is running on a Windows, Linux or Mac. In addition, the Firefox 2016 browser capable of add-ons, bookmarks and passwords from other facilities take – so it is synchronizing with always updated.