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I don't admire mandarin ducks, I love books

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杨  巍

A belly with poetry gas from China

        As we all know, a few years ago, college enrollment was popular "goddess marketing" model。Near graduation, Lin Mou, a graduate student of the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics of Tsinghua University, released a picture of admission and graduation on social networking sites, she was tanned before admission, and became white and intellectual when graduation, many people exclaimed that she had become a "goddess" after university。Subsequently, the admission office of Tsinghua University forwarded the pair of photos on Weibo, with the caption: "The female master of aviation college tells you that Tsinghua is a very healthy land, welcome to apply for Tsinghua University, I wish you to go on the road of white rich beauty."。For a time, this phenomenon attracted different public opinion from all walks of life to the side, I only represent the personal view that, in fact, this is not simply to attract attention to borrow beauty to make a big article, think about it, not unreasonable。The sentence "there is poetry in the belly from China" illustrates the inevitable connection between reading and elegant temperament and personal cultivation。Chinese scholars have always regarded reading as an effective way to accumulate knowledge and increase knowledge。The function of reading is not only to possess knowledge, but also to enhance people's spiritual realm。Especially often reading, over time will make people out of low taste, develop elegant, refined temperament。Liang Zhangju, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, said :" People without book gas, that is, vulgar gas, the city well gas, and cannot be listed in the scholar-officials.。"Facts have proved that people who read and do not read, who read more and read less, show an intrinsic temperament and quality that is not the same。Yan Hui, a disciple of Confucius, "eats what he eats, drinks what he drinks, stays in shabby alleys" and "does not change his pleasure."。When Wang Bo was down and out in life, he sang, "Poor and strong, not falling down."。Dong Chuan is poor, but always maintain an optimistic spirit, the pursuit of their goals in life, which can be seen from the "bag empty do not do spring horse" sentence。Obviously, temperament and talent is the inevitable result of reading poetry books, so I still agree with the "goddess marketing" model of major universities。Of course, there are many ways to read poetry and books, so to develop the habit of reading, people should have "book".。

The fastest way to increase knowledge: reading

        A few days ago, I read an article entitled "Why knowledge is so important", in which the gap between people is not only a matter of money, but of cognition。And this knowledge is not intelligence, it is intelligence - wisdom and insight, a modern thinking that is the accumulation of a series of hard work and positive feedback。Allow me to label these two different kinds of thinking as "ordinary people" and "elites.。Elites understand complex abstract concepts,Ordinary people everywhere use simple image thinking;Elite explore the unknown,Ordinary people fear the unknown;Elites play the long game,Ordinary people lack self-control;Elites value individual choice and freedom,Ordinary people think that others should be like them;Elite embrace change,Ordinary people refuse to change;The elite socialize with people of all classes,Ordinary people associate only with people of their own class;Elites love to discuss ideas,Ordinary people love to talk about people and things;The elite spend their free time studying,Ordinary people spend their free time on entertainment;There is another difference worth mentioning,It is that the elite pay special attention to efficiency,Ordinary people emphasize fairness。In modern society, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. If the elite wins by birth, we have the right to despise, but if the success of the elite is based on hard work and knowledge, how much does our sense of moral superiority matter?We all want to be elite, and that requires us to understand, play and change the world with elite eyes and thinking patterns。The best way is to get involved, of course, and the quickest way is to read books。

Three don't envy yuanyang love book

        In addition to modern thinking, there is also Internet thinking。It seems that one Internet is enough to cover all our lives: communicating with wechat, shopping on Taobao, eating takeout, paying Alipay。I don't know if you feel the same way?It's like the whole world is stereotyped。All paper-based artificial things will eventually be replaced, and in their place will be a whole new era。When we can't wait to shout the arrival of the era of intelligent networking, a sense of nostalgia will inevitably arise。Gradually, everyone seems to have become accustomed to and accepted the current lifestyle。Even an era can disappear so quietly, let alone a lifetime of life?In the final analysis, "life is like a journey, I am also a pedestrian", from the perspective of the hierarchy of needs theory, when you have the material needs that you are satisfied with relative to your heart, you should not be greedy for possession too much, but I am still greedy for getting along, greedy for getting along with people, greedy for getting along with books, always thinking of more time to get along and appreciate each other。Getting along is the time we give each other, and what we have and will lose is also time。So getting along is precious and loveable。In this era, there are few pens, ink, paper and inkstones, and I suddenly remembered that sentence: in the past, the horses were very slow, the letters were very slow, and the life was only enough to love one person...