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Reading, the origin of my life axis

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        When I saw the theme of this essay, my mind began to flip over unbridled, flip over the books I have read over the years, some of them were very impressed, the details are still vivid, some have been blurred, I can not remember what I read at that time。

        Childhood memories are all fairy books, those who accompany me to sleep every night "1001 Nights", "Grimm" and "Andersen's Fairy Tales".。At that time, fairy tales had a huge charm, which sometimes made people laugh, sometimes their throats tightened, and they wanted to cry and feel embarrassed。So many years have passed, especially remember the first love textbook "The daughter of the sea", the beautiful mermaid princess, the little girl that the old sea King loves most。Give up fish tail, singing voice, affection and as long as300Years of life, just because in love with the prince, desire to become a perfect woman。It was a desperate bet, and the witch had warned that if the prince took another woman as his wife, she would be transformed into foam in the sea at sunrise in the morning。The naked prince did not recognize the mermaid princess who had shed the fish tail, and mistakenly took another beauty as a lifesaver and married her。At the wedding, the mermaid princess danced for the bride and groom, enduring the agony of her heart and toes。Day is about to light, she gave up the chance to stab the prince to restore the original shape, the poor mermaid can no longer swim in the sea, God insight into everything, calm, the sun came out, the mermaid princess did not turn into a bubble, because of selfless love, she has an immortal soul, sublimated into an eternal angel。So far, the happy ending we smiled, when the young, still do not understand the story of the great concept of love, now savor, mermaid princess interpretation of love, is dedication, is sacrifice, is awe, is not asking for return。The reason why we often refuse to grow up is because the child's world is simpler and more pure, and the most profound meaning of reading fairy tales is the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature elaborated in the story, thus arousing our immortal tender and compassionate heart。

        Ten years of cold window, all the subjects I prefer English, so like to buy "Bookworm" to read。At that time, most of us formed the reading habit with a strong purpose, which was to get high grades in college, in the hope of having a bright future。Think carefully, I must thank my father, he is a model of teaching, every night before going to bed to quietly read the book, he wrote a good hand, but also write a good article。Compared to my father, I was really ashamed, but fortunately, I was more or less influenced by him, like to casually read and write。So far, I think the impact of reading on our happy family of three is that the father is kind and the son is filial, and the mother does not have to worry too much about my study。In addition to learning the outline course,I prefer classics that are alarming, thought-provoking, or recommended by teachers,In the magical world of One Hundred Years of Solitude,Relive the absurdity and pedantry of Don Quixote,I still remember the vivid characters in Pride and Prejudice,And "Les Miserables", "The Count of Monte Cristo", "Gadfly", "How is Steel tempered" and so on these enrich my winter and summer vacation。Let me experience a different kind of life in these stories, think about the reasons for each choice made by the characters in these stories, reflect on reality, and have more understanding of life and life。Recently, I accidentally heard a saying that only those who cry after reading Don Quixote understand life, so I picked up Don Quixote again, and it seemed that for a moment I also understood it。If you think about it, we're all Don Quixote, just different things we cling to。We say "the heart is higher than the sky,Life is thinner than paper.",We say, "Think big,Impractical",We say, "A fool's dream,Worrywart,We also say "the world rises and falls,Every man has his duty.",We say to set the heart for heaven and earth,Make a life for the living,For the past saints continue to learn,Peace for all things...It's a huge contrast,It's too much for our humble lives to bear,但,And because of it,Life can bloom a different brilliance!

        I was studying in Hainan University, majoring in vehicle engineering, pure engineering. Every day, I had to carry a T-square and triangle board as high as me to the drawing room to draw pictures. To tell the truth, at that time, my heart was happy and full of pride。But with the liberal arts class of girls than art model, it is really not dominant, people every day soaking library, we every day bubble room design three views。Fortunately, my reading habits and shallow writing skills are still in my childhood, and I go to the library to read books in my spare time。At that time, I read the "Gone with the Wind" many times, both in Chinese and English, and the most profound memory is the famous sentence that everyone is familiar with "Tomorrow is a new day".。Scarlett, a set of wisdom and beauty in a rich daughter born with a golden spoon, there are many rich children behind the pursuit of life seems to be smooth, but suffered one blow after another, she suffered several times let me cover up my meditation, what is the strength to support her strong to go on?Maybe it is that magic weapon: Tomorrow is another day。I like Scarlett, like her reality, like her courage, like her persistence, like her dare to dare, dare to love and hate!From this, I think of myself, and constantly push myself to face setbacks and dare to take responsibility。Therefore, during the four years of seeking knowledge in the university, whether I encountered setbacks in study or life, I could be optimistic and break through all difficulties and obstacles。And then every dayQQThe code word in the space, carefully recorded that belongs to my flower season rainy season, including each album, each trip, I will be matched with their own words, so that my parents through these vibrant words and sentences to understand my learning and living far away in the ends of the earth。When they were young, they were mostly sentimental, and now occasionally they feel like unforgettable memories and experiences。The first one I never forget0Three views of the drawing, unforgettable car baby competition like a decent singing Huangmei Opera of their own, unforgettable my Alma mater's motto: sea into all rivers, the road is far!

        I went to another crucial turning point in my life, the draft。Do not love the red suit love armed, heroic, defending the country, women do not let the men and so on praise words can be used in their own body, is really a memorable blessing。We have to do intense physical training every day,In my spare time, I write letters home,That's when it started,I got into the habit of keeping a diary and writing essays every day,So three months for a new company,He wrote several articles in succession and published them in Xinxun Express,Still can remember "Parting Station", "hat badge shining at the beginning of my military career", "a letter to the new recruits comrades" and so on。I remember that after the next company went to the combat company to perform tasks, an old squad leader who loved to write poems, recommended his poetry collection "Adherence is also a kind of beauty" to me, and praised the soldiers' happiness in pain, hard struggle, and the feelings of the children who guard the motherland。Tao Yuanming picks chrysanthemums in the east hedge,Adhere to a self-sufficiency,He likes "picking chrysanthemums under the east hedge.,Leisurely see Nanshan "life;Li Taibai drunkenly sang,Stick to a pride,When Ying Zhao entered the capital,He sang all the way "laughing in the sky and going out.,Our generation is the people "give gold after the release.,He shouted angrily,"Ann can crush the powerful,Make me unhappy ";"Cried Du Fu's hut,Adhere to a care;Chuang Tzu trailing with the way,Adhere to a purity;So I finally understood the persistence of being a soldier after repeated reading,Jian is in countless cold and heat in the guard card forever tall and straight as loose soldiers figure,The code is the river of my youth flowing from Erguna,Millennium populus inspired my will as steel that iron tenderness。There are many ways to stick, some clumsy and tenacious, some persistent and cold, but each of them impressed me。Since sigh: Soughing Yingzi five feet gun, dawn at the beginning of the parade, Chinese children more curious ambition, do not love red clothes love armed。During my two years in the army, it was reading that baptized me physically and mentally and made my short military career shine. It was writing that helped me record the dribs and dribs of military life and witnessed the milestone of my life called persistence。

        Reading is like the origin of axes,Take my upbringing as the horizontal axis of time,No matter from the childhood memory of fairy tales to now I go to work to learn to understand the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party,From daughter to wife to future mother,The continuity of the reading habit has been crucial for me to perform each role well。Taking my ideological understanding process as the vertical axis, the habit of reading has sublimated my ideological realm, and gradually tends to be constantly perfect and mature。So that I continue to learn new knowledge in the work, improve business skills at the same time, but also help me to find their own direction in life, in any difficult node of identity transformation can be calm and frank。In my hesitation, confusion, and confusion, I can eventually return to the origin to find a new direction, do not forget the original heart, and forge ahead。