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Gansu Neng Hua Group held a (expanded) meeting of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee to quickly convey the spirit of learning and implementing the province's State-owned enterprises clean government education conference

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On May 12, Gansu NENG Hua Group held a (expanded) meeting of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee to convey the spirit of the province's State-owned enterprises clean Government education Conference and arrange for the implementation of the implementation work。集团公司党委书记、董事长谢晓锋主持会议并讲话,集团公司在家领导穆家成、王志民、邓永胜、胡志明及总部各部室负责人参加会议。

Xie Xiaofeng pointed out that this conference fully reflects the provincial Party Committee and provincial government attach great importance to the construction of clean government in state-owned enterprises, demonstrating the strong determination to promote the construction of clean government in state-owned enterprises in depth。The group company should conscientiously implement the spirit of the provincial State-owned enterprises clean government education Conference,We made solid progress in comprehensively and strictly governing the Party,并结合正在深入开展Study and implement the theme education of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era和“三抓三促”行动,The spirit of the Congress will be conveyed to every grass-roots Party organization and every Party member and cadre,We will resolutely fight a protracted battle to improve Party conduct and clean government and fight corruption,Promote high-quality development of group companies。

Xie Xiaofeng stressed,The Provincial State-owned Enterprise Integrity Education Conference is an important meeting held by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government in the critical period of the province's state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises system to deeply study and implement the spirit of the Party's 20 Congress and deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises,Both to the province's state-owned enterprises party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle made a comprehensive deployment,It also put forward clear requirements for the construction of clean government for enterprise leaders at all levels。At the same time, the speech of Hu Changsheng, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, at the Provincial State-owned Enterprise integrity Education Conference also served as a lesson on integrity education for the leading cadres of state-owned enterprises in the province, which analyzed reality, pointed to the heart and tortured the soul。The majority of party members and cadres of the group company should "improve self-management ability, draw boundaries to prevent 'unintentionally breaking the window', strengthen the border to prevent 'ants from collapsing the embankment', strictly guard the border to prevent 'warm water boiling frogs', and always keep the boundary of the behavior not confused.。With the courage of self-revolution, we continue to strengthen our own construction, always maintain the political character of honesty and integrity, and strive to create a political ecology of clean and clean air。

Xie Xiaofeng requested that all units and departments of the group company should attach great importance to, act quickly, convey the spirit of the province's State-owned enterprises clean government education Conference at the first time, and put forward specific measures for implementation。First, it is necessary to improve ideological understanding, and quickly communicate learning and implementation。Party organizations at all levels of the group company shall earnestly implement the new deployment and new requirements of the Party's 20th National Congress on comprehensively and strictly governing the Party,Organize the majority of Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, to study deeply the spirit of Secretary Hu Changsheng's speech at the province's State-owned enterprises clean government education conference,Raise political standing,Strengthen theoretical armament,Build a strong ideological defense line,Effectively unify the thought and action to the decision-making and deployment of the provincial Party committee and provincial government,We will continue to deepen the improvement of Party conduct, clean government and the fight against corruption,Strive to provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality development of the group company。Second, we must highlight political construction and resolutely achieve "two safeguards"。扎实深入开展Study and implement the theme education of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,Educate and guide Party members and cadres to more consciously enhance the "four consciousness", firmly "four self-confidence", and achieve "two maintenance",The Party's loyalty is reflected in the actions of implementing the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee,It is reflected in the performance of duty and the effectiveness of their own work。Third, adhere to the treatment of both symptoms and root causes, and promote the "three no rot"。Continue to strengthen the "dare not corrupt" deterrent,Precise use of the "four forms";Weave tightly woven "incorruptible" cages,Constantly improve and improve the management system;Keep building "do not want to rot" dam,Adhere to the Party Constitution, Party rules and Party discipline education as a compulsory course,Integrate into all kinds of learning, education and training,Urge Party members and cadres to conscientiously build a strong ideological defense line against corruption and change。Fourth, we must continue to deepen reform and improve the modern enterprise system。In contrast to the 21 tasks in 7 aspects clearly defined in the "Several Measures on strengthening the Party's leadership in improving corporate Governance of provincial Enterprises", the standard and the table are checked one by one, and the implementation is carried out well。Revised and improved the List of Major decision-making Matters of Gansu Energy and Chemical Industry Group Co., LTD., focused on cultivating and improving the market-oriented operation mechanism, and continued to promote the reform of the "three systems"。Fifth, we must pay attention to the rectification of trees and further promote the construction of style of work。We firmly carried out the "three grasp and three promote" action, emphasizing that ability is first, execution is important, and efficiency is king, promoting the improvement of comprehensive quality, promoting the implementation of work tasks, accelerating project construction, optimizing industrial layout, strengthening capital operation, and promoting reform and innovation。We will continue to correct the "four winds", thoroughly implement the eight-point Regulations of the Central Committee and the rules for their implementation, strengthen supervision, inspection and accountability for discipline enforcement, educate and guide Party members and leading cadres to consciously abide by Party discipline and state laws, and resolutely break away from privileged thoughts and behaviors。Sixth, we must grasp key and difficult points and strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of supervision。We will strictly implement the collective decision-making system for "three things and one big" matters,Strengthen the supervision and management of key positions and members of the leading team, especially the "first leader",Focus on improving the oversight system,Continue to promote the formation of a "six in one" oversight pattern,Improve the assessment system,Vigorously and effectively promote the building of Party conduct and clean government,Keep your eyes on the key points,Strike at the first sign of evil,Keep an eye out for new trends in invisible mutations,We will strictly investigate and punish violations of discipline against the wind,We will always strengthen supervision and control。Seventh, strengthen the Party's leadership and comprehensively improve the quality of Party building。We will carry out in-depth activities to integrate party building into production and operation,Urge Party organizations at all levels to strictly implement the Group Company's "Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Deep Integration of Party Building Work and Production and Operation",Closely related to restructuring and rationalization, industry cultivation, project construction, business and trade management and other key work,We will never relent in deepening Party building。Eighth, we must improve the selection mechanism and strive to forge high-quality teams。Revise and implement the "Implementation Measures for the Selection and Appointment of Middle Managers" of the Group Company, improve the selection and employment mechanism, fully implement the term system and contractual management of managers, vigorously promote the open selection and recruitment of managers, and strive to build a loyal, clean and responsible team of high-quality cadres。Ninth, we must pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities and promote comprehensive and strict governance of the Party。Conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility of comprehensively strictly governing the Party, strictly implement the list of responsibilities of the Party Committee for comprehensively strictly governing the Party, the secretary of the Party organization at the two levels of the Group conscientiously fulfill the responsibility of the first responsible person, and the members of the leadership team at the two levels of the group conscientiously fulfill the "one post and two responsibilities", and promote the implementation of various work with the effect of comprehensively strictly governing the Party。Tenth, we must focus on the source of governance and strengthen prevention and control of integrity risks。We will deepen publicity and education on the culture of integrity,Promote the culture of integrity into departments, into the field, into the team, and into the post,We will carry out in-depth education on party spirit, discipline and warning,Regular activities of "warning and education for families of leading cadres of state-owned enterprises" were carried out,Create a good political ecology with clean wind and positive atmosphere;Organize and carry out major investigations and rectification of risk points of integrity,Work plan,Create a list ledger,Improve the internal control mechanism,Effectively guard against and defuse risks to integrity。