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Hu Changsheng stressed at the mobilization and deployment meeting of the reform and deepening of State-owned enterprises in the province: to improve core competitiveness and enhance core functions as the focus to further strengthen the state-owned economy and state-owned enterprises

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On September 26, the province's state-owned enterprise reform deepening and upgrading action mobilization and deployment meeting was held in Lanzhou, and Hu Changsheng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech。New Gansu Gansu Daily reporter Meng Jie

  New Gansu client Lanzhou September 26 news(New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Zhang Fugui Jin Xin) The province's State-owned enterprise reform deepening and upgrading action mobilization and deployment meeting was held in Lanzhou this afternoon, and Hu Changsheng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech。He stresses,要深入贯彻习近平总书记关于国有Enterprise reform发展和Party building的重要论述,We will fully implement the spirit of the national mobilization and deployment of actions to deepen and upgrade the reform of State-owned enterprises,Focus on improving core competitiveness and enhancing core functions,We will further strengthen, improve and expand the state-owned economy and state-owned enterprises,It will provide a solid guarantee for promoting the practice of Chinese modernization in Gansu Province。

  Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor Ren Zhenhe attended and delivered a speech。Provincial leaders Zhang Jingang, Zhang Xiaoqiang, Zhang Wei attended。

  The meeting stressed that improving core competitiveness and enhancing core functions is the focus of the new round of state-owned enterprise reform, and is the key to achieving the overall requirements of serving the national strategy。All relevant parties at all levels in the province should strengthen their efforts to implement the central deployment, and take the promotion of core competitiveness and the enhancement of core functions as the main theme throughout the whole process of reform to ensure that the reform is always advancing in the right direction。We need to strengthen the real industry, accelerate the planning and implementation of a number of high-tech, high-growth, high-value-added industrial projects, and constantly create new drivers and new advantages。We will intensify efforts to build first-class enterprises, deepen market-oriented reform of modern corporate governance and business mechanisms, and effectively stimulate the internal impetus and vitality of development。It is necessary to intensify efforts to attract investment, make efforts to introduce upstream and downstream enterprises and related supporting enterprises in the industrial chain, and promote the early completion of the project。It is necessary to make greater efforts to resolve risks and hidden dangers, adhere to overall development and safety, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises。Efforts should be made to promote the organization and implementation, integrate the Party's leadership and party building into the whole process of state-owned enterprise reform and development, and ensure that all reform tasks are implemented。

  The meeting stressed that it is necessary to focus on deepening and promoting industrial development, and promote short-board industries to supplement the chain, advantageous industries to extend the chain, traditional industries to upgrade the chain, and emerging industries to build the chain。We need to focus on innovation-driven expansion and upgrading, and improve mechanisms for diversified input, integration of industry, universities and research institutes, and talent introduction and training。It is necessary to focus on deepening integration and restructuring, promote promotion, and create advantageous enterprises with more focused main responsibilities and main businesses, clearer business structure, and more prominent core functions。It is necessary to focus on stimulating vitality, deepening and promoting improvement, and accelerating the modernization of state-owned enterprise governance。It is necessary to focus on the transformation of functions, deepen and promote promotion, and improve the state-owned assets supervision system based on capital management。We should focus on deepening and improving security development, and prudently defuse various risks and hidden dangers。It is necessary to focus on improving quality and efficiency, deepen and promote improvement, accelerate quality change, efficiency change, and power change, and make the high-quality development of state-owned enterprises more complete。

  Meeting requirement,The relevant departments at all levels of the province should take a comprehensive inventory of the economic work in the first three quarters,Scientific scheduling of economic operations in the fourth quarter,Accurately grasp the orientation of macro policies and economic performance,We took multiple measures to stabilize the two main engines of investment and industry,Fully boost the consumer market heat,We stepped up efforts to ensure and improve people's wellbeing,We will promote effective qualitative improvement and reasonable quantitative growth of the economy,Ensure successful completion of annual target tasks。

  The meeting made arrangements for the relevant work during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day。Conference emphasis,It is necessary to strictly implement the system of 24-hour special personnel on duty and leading cadres on duty and reporting outside the office,Do a good job in grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other commodities to ensure stable prices,Formulate detailed transportation plans,Organize the investigation and rectification of potential safety risks,Firmly establish the idea of "too tight a day",We will strictly implement the Central Committee's eight-point Regulations and the rules for their implementation,We will ensure that the people enjoy a happy and peaceful holiday。

  The meeting informed the province of the reform of state-owned enterprises for three years。The main responsible comrades of Jiusteel Group, Lanshi Group and Jiayuguan Municipal Party Committee have made exchanges and speeches。

  The meeting was held by video at the city and state level。