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The Youth League Committee of LAN Coal Institute Company won the title of "Gansu May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee" in 2022-2023

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Recently, in the 2022-2023 annual "two red and two excellent" notification list announced by Gansu Province, the Youth League Committee of LAN Coal Institute Company won the honorary title of "Gansu May Fourth Red League Committee" by the Communist Youth League Gansu Provincial Committee in 2022-2023。

In recent years,LAN coal Institute company Youth League committee tightly focused on the main responsibility of the main business,Continue to strengthen ideological and political guidance,Adhere to the overall situation of enterprise development,Do a good job in the theoretical study of youth members through perseverance,Organize the youth members to carry out regular activities such as learning from Lei Feng, "May Fourth" Youth Day activities, helping and respecting the elderly, and patriotic education,Effectively enhance the organization, leadership and service of the group。Combined with the actual reform and development of the company,Deepen the brand building of "Lanmei Design",Give full play to the role of "mentoring",Organize the Youth commandos of each league branch to focus on the company's production and operation, safety and environmental protection, cost reduction and efficiency,By holding training courses of "Youth Job Experts" and "Youth Technology Innovation Lecture Hall",Actively participate in all kinds of youth skill competitions, youth technical competition and other activities,We have trained a group of young talents who are good at innovation,It has played the role of "fresh force" for enterprise innovation and efficiency。Especially in the construction of Yumen coal storage base project, the youth members of the company volunteered to go deep into the project construction line, and made due contributions to the high-quality completion of project construction and delivery with rigorous working attitude and high sense of responsibility, demonstrating the youth responsibility of Lanmei youth。

The Youth League Committee of LAN Coal Institute Company will take the title of "Gansu May fourth Red Flag Youth League Committee" as an opportunity,深入学习贯彻习近平总书记关于青年工作的重要思想,Keep up with the trend of The Times,Keep abreast of the new needs of youth,Find the right idea, riveting full energy,Deep study and study, hard work,Solidly carry out various theme education for youth league members,Fulfill the duty and mission of educating, leading, uniting and serving the youth,Promote the work of the company's Youth League committee to achieve new results。