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Gansu Nenghua Group organized young workers to visit the production site of Nenghua Joint-stock Company to observe and learn

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From April 28 to 29, Gansu Nenghua Group organized more than 100 young workers to observe and study the production enterprises of Nenghua Co., LTD., to understand in detail the production process of coal, electric power and chemical industry, equipment operation management, and corporate culture construction。

In the Neng chemical company, Dashitou coal mine, Weijiadi coal mine, Haishiwan coal mine and kiln coal mine,We visited the dispatch information center, training base, skill master studio, wellhead waiting room, mining lamp supermarket, material supply supermarket, corporate culture corridor and other areas,Comprehensive understanding of mine structure, mining technology, production process, transportation and promotion, clean utilization and smart mine construction,Carry out in-depth learning interaction exchanges,Through the systematic understanding of coal production and operation, the cognition and recognition of the history of development, construction and reform of coal enterprises are enhanced。

In Baiyin thermal power company and Yaojie solid waste utilization thermal power company,We walked into the centralized control room and the unit operation site,Understand the working principle of the generator set, operation and maintenance, central heating, environmental protection, solid waste utilization and intelligent operation,It deeply experienced the powerful momentum of scientific and technological innovation and new quality productivity to enable power generation enterprises。

The construction of Liuhua Chemical Industry Park project is in full swing,We went deep into the project construction site,Visit the construction area of gasification unit, purification synthesis, heating unit and urea unit,Experience site construction and large-scale equipment installation scenarios up close,Deepen the young workers' understanding of project construction process management, safety and quality control。

Through this observation and learning activity, everyone has a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding and cognition of coal, electric power, chemical and other industries, and has a new understanding and experience of enterprise safety production, operation and management, cultural construction, party building guidance, and production and living environment of mining areas。It is expressed that,This visit and study broke the inherent understanding of coal production enterprises,Personally feel the security benefits and economic benefits brought to enterprises by intelligent construction,Apply the good lessons and practices learned this time to their respective jobs,Close to the group company's "relying on coal, developing coal, extending coal" work ideas and "coal-based, multi-energy complementary, strong chain, green development" industrial development strategy,With vigorous spirit, high attitude and pragmatic style,Focus on building "coal power, chemical industry, new energy, survey and design, investment and financing, non-coal mining, etc." six sectors,Accelerate the promotion of high-quality development of group companies。