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Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Phoenix network and Gansu mainstream media have reported that Gansu Neng Chemical Group relay to promote earthquake relief assistance in the disaster area

时间:2023-12-23Source: Propaganda Department of Party Committee作者:Number of hits:

Up to now,"Gansu Nenghua Group donated 1.2 million yuan in cash and materials to support earthquake relief work in disaster areas" "6.27 million.,Gansu NENG Chemical Group relay to promote the earthquake relief and assistance work in the disaster areas were reprinted in Xinhua News Agency client, People's Daily client, CCTV News, Phoenix network, New Gansu, Audio-visual Gansu, Daily Gansu network, China Coal Industry magazine, Gansu state-owned assets platform,12 articles in total。Total page views 117.20,000, of which, Xinhua client page views 37.60,000, People's Daily client page views 4.50,000, 74 page views on Ifeng.com.6万。