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Gansu Energy Chemical Group and Yumen city government discussion

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On June 11, Xie Xiaofeng, Party secretary and chairman of Gansu Nenghua Group, had a discussion with Li Yingwei, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Yumen City。The two sides exchanged views on further deepening cooperation between local enterprises。Gansu Nenghua Group Party Committee deputy secretary, general manager Yuan Chongliang, Party Committee Standing Committee, deputy general manager Wang Zhimin, Yumen Municipal Committee Standing Committee, deputy Mayor Zhao Zhanlong attended the forum。

Xie Xiaofeng welcomed the visit of Li Yingwei and his delegation, and thanked the Yumen Municipal Party Committee and government for their long-term care and support for the deepening reform and development of Gansu Nenghua Group and the construction of key projects。The industrial layout, project construction and economic index of Gansu Nenghua Group are introduced。As an important hub city in our province, Yumen city has convenient transportation location advantages, complete industrial system, good industrial development foundation, high-quality business service environment and rich historical and cultural resources。As the strategic fulcrum city of Gansu Energy Chemical Group in Hexi, Yumen has a good foundation for cooperation with Gansu Energy Chemical Group, and the chemical industry being promoted in Yumen is highly consistent with the development strategy and industrial layout of Gansu Energy Chemical Group。It is hoped that the two sides will closely focus on their respective concerns, give full play to the advantages of project driving, channel hub and industrial development, further plan ways of cooperation in the chemical industry, coal storage and distribution system construction and deep processing, and promote the realization of high-quality development of local enterprises with the actual results of pragmatic cooperation between the two sides。Gansu Nenghua Group will actively integrate into the development of Yumen City in accordance with the development strategy of "coal-based, multi-energy complementary, extended chain strong chain, green development" and the industrial layout of "consolidating the central region, expanding from east to West, and coordinating and linking", and make due contributions to the provincial state-owned enterprises in promoting the economic and social development of Yumen City。

Li Yingwei expressed appreciation for the achievements made by Gansu Nenghua Group in recent years, and thanked Gansu Nenghua Group for actively arranging the coal storage and distribution center project in Yumen and supporting the economic and social development of Yumen。This paper introduces the chemical industry layout, key project construction and related supporting facilities construction in Yumen City。In recent years, Yumen has taken the construction of key projects as an opportunity to accelerate the transformation of industrial structure and the transformation of development momentum as an important starting point to promote high-quality development, which has effectively promoted the smooth operation of Yumen's industrial economy。It is a critical period for both sides to promote the construction of key projects and achieve high-quality development,It is hoped that the two sides will further consolidate and deepen the foundation of cooperation,To explore ways of cooperation in the development of coal chemical industry and other industries,Together, Yumen City will become an important modern chemical industry base in the west,To build a modern industrial system supporting the high-quality development of Yumen to stimulate the vitality of economic and social development of Yumen。Yumen City will focus on every link of enterprise investment, production and operation, improve service quality and efficiency for enterprises, and create a comfortable business environment for entrepreneurship and development。

Yumen City Bureau of Commerce, the municipal Economic Development Zone Management Committee and the relevant departments and subsidiaries of Gansu Energy Chemical Group headquarters participated in the discussion。