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"Three catches and three promotion" action | Jinchang company plans to promote the "safety production month" activities to go deep and solid

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On the occasion of the 23rd "Safe Production Month",为深入贯彻落实习近平总书记关于安全生产的重要论述和重要指示批示精神,Continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of work safety for three years,We will strengthen the foundation for workplace safety management,5月31日,Jinchang Company launched the "Safety Production Month" in 2024,To promote the "safe production Month" activities to deepen and strengthen。

Event in progress,The company will adhere to the normal in-depth promotion of "three grasp three promote" action as the starting point,Closely combined with the project construction work,Focus on building a solid ideological foundation and improving management level,组织开展习近平总书记关于安全生产重要论述宣贯活动,Guide all construction personnel to consolidate the theoretical foundation of safety management。Focus on the main line of project construction, by carrying out safety warning education, safety knowledge training, safety theme promotion and safety knowledge competition, do real safety training effect, and promote the effective implementation of the spirit of provincial Party Secretary Hu Changsheng's speech when investigating the company's project construction。Organize all departments, workshops and participating units of the project to carry out "Safety publicity and consultation Day" activities in various forms such as hanging "Safety production Month" activity theme banners, posters, safety production publicity boards, distributing publicity materials and on-site answers, and create a good atmosphere for all employees to participate。Focusing on improving emergency management capabilities and production safety accident prevention and emergency response capabilities, emergency drills have been carried out to smooth the passage of life and promote the improvement of emergency response capabilities of all personnel。At the same time, by carrying out the special rectification of the smooth passage of life to improve the site construction environment, increase the "anti-three violations" special safety inspection to regulate the safety behavior of employees, and strive to solve the difficult problems in the construction of the project, and promote the root of the action to go deep and solid。

The activity requires the company and the participating units to unify their thinking, build consensus, put safety management work in mind, grasp it in hand, and implement it into action。认真学习贯彻习近平总书记关于安全生产、防灾减灾和应急管理工作的重要讲话重要批示精神和省委书记胡昌升调研项目建设情况时讲话精神,Further compaction of political responsibility for safe production,Build consensus on putting security first, people first, and accountability for dereliction of duty,Promote the safe and orderly implementation of project construction。It is necessary to closely organize and carefully deploy, and effectively promote the in-depth development of the "safety production month" activities。Coordinate all aspects of the activity, refine the activity plan, clarify the activity objectives, content, form and time, strengthen production safety publicity and education and on-site safety supervision, and carry out summary and analysis in a timely manner to ensure the effectiveness of the activity。It is necessary to plan in advance and coordinate the promotion to ensure the smooth realization of the annual target of project construction。Insist on the established objectives and tasks of project construction, strictly strengthen project safety management, focus on the difficult points of project construction, pressure and strengthen the project construction process, and strive to strengthen the construction of the company's staff, strictly and carefully grasp the construction of style, and go all out to promote the early completion of the project, early production and early effect。It is necessary to carefully organize, strengthen communication and coordination, strengthen supervision and inspection, and take the 23rd national "Safety production Month" activities as an opportunity to ensure that project construction is carried out in accordance with the established goals and tasks, high standards, high quality, and safe and orderly progress。

At the launch ceremony,传达学习了习近平总书记关于安全生产的重要论述和国务院安委办、甘肃省安委办关于开展安全生产月活动的通知文件精神,Arrange and deploy the company's safety production month activities,Representatives of relevant units made statements,Participants promise to sign。