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"Three grasp and three promote" action | Gansu Coal trading Center Party building to lead the promotion of trading digital enabling to open a new bureau

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The Party branch of Gansu Coal Trading Center Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Trading Center) adheres to the principles of party building leading business, innovation-driven development and technology-enabled party building,Anchor digital development,The goal of building a first-class modern energy integrated service digital intelligence platform,We will continue to deepen the integration of party building with production and operation,Continuously expand the brand connotation and practical value of "Party building leading, innovation and development",Improve the quality of party building work with brand creation,Transform the "soft power" of Party building into "hard support" for development,We will promote digital upgrading of enterprises。

Party building leads digital empowerment and fully stimulates the new vitality of party member education

The party branch of the trading center gives play to its own advantages,Adhere to the digital concept,Make good use of digital resources,Play the digital role,We will innovate ways of educating party members,Revitalize educational resources,Build an electronic party building system that integrates party member information management, Party organization construction, party member activities and party building publicity,High standards to carry out "three meetings and one lesson", theme Party day and other organizational life,Regularly push the party's innovative theories and various policies and regulations, party affairs knowledge, typical cases, etc,The traditional paper work mode of daily party building is realized through the digital information platform,Break the time and space limits of traditional education methods,Effectively improve the coverage and quality of party member education,Effectively promote the standardization, scientific and efficient party building work。The central Party branch was rated as the advanced grass-roots party organization of the province's state-owned enterprise system in 2023。

Party building leads digital empowerment, and gradually expands the new track of energy trading

The Party branch of the trading center takes promoting the unified online trading of coal business entities in the province as the starting point,Continue to deepen the establishment of Party members "guard team" work,In each market business team, set up a group of demonstration posts for Party members, select a group of responsibility areas for Party members to improve quality and efficiency, and set up a group of party members' commandos to overcome difficulties,We will intensify efforts to expand the market,Guide trading enterprises to carry out unified whole-process transactions such as contract signing, logistics connection, settlement and performance, and fund settlement on the trading center platform,To realize the transformation of the traditional production, transportation and marketing connection mode to the digital intelligent transaction mode。Since the launch of the trading platform, the cumulative online volume has been 2.100 million tons, settlement funds 11.2 billion yuan, the introduction of 587 registered traders。While providing customers with more efficient and accurate energy trading services, the company has continuously optimized trading methods and user experience, developed bidding trading, formulated "bidding sales rules", and helped traders discover prices, markets, and resources. The platform has accumulated 966 bids, 646 transactions, and 195 trading volumes.730,000 tons, turnover 13.61亿元。2024年5月,The mobile end of the coal trading platform was launched,To provide "one-stop, accurate" coal trading "fingertip" services for competitive buyers,Meet the diversified service needs of trading entities,The level of coal trading services has been upgraded to a new level,It won the title of "National Advanced Unit of Coal Industry" and "Leading Enterprise of Digital transformation of Coal Transportation and Marketing"。

Party building leads digital empowerment and builds new plans for serving market players

The Party branch of the trading center has carried out in-depth digital transformation actions of state-owned enterprises,Actively explore the new model of "platform trading + supply chain finance + logistics warehousing + industrial digitalization",Organize party members to carry out technical research,Promote the "eight platforms" online operation,By building coal big data monitoring and analysis system,Real-time monitoring of coal market price changes, supply and demand, transportation and other key information,Collect, integrate and analyze data on the coal market,Provide decision support and information services to governments and enterprises。Combine innovative business development direction,Through digital, intelligent management system,Online and offline linkage,Strengthen the operation of sunshine procurement service platform,Take "three grasp and three promote" action as the starting point,Implementation of "business learning, ability to improve" activities,Various forms of special training, observation and exchange, study and discussion have been carried out,Fruitful learning activities,A total of more than 80 online and offline trainings were organized, and two tests of practical professional knowledge were conducted,More than 500 people participated in the training,Strive to cultivate a group of proficient procurement business, willing to study, ability level of outstanding business talents,It effectively ensures the sunshine, standard and efficient operation of the procurement platform,From the source for enterprises to achieve procurement cost reduction and efficiency。Since the launch of the platform, 467 suppliers of various types have been registered, and 936 registered experts have entered 146 batches of transaction projects, 119 batches of transactions have been completed, and 72 purchases have been completed.3.1 billion yuan, achieving a fund saving rate of 7%, successfully joined the national electronic bidding and bidding system network platform system, completed the electronic bidding and bidding system (EBS) "Samsung" certification, and won the title of "National Public Procurement Excellent Service Provider"。

Party building leads digital empowerment and accelerates the cultivation of new markets for data elements

The Party branch of the trading center grasps new opportunities for the development of new quality productivity,Relying on the data agglomeration advantage of coal online trading,Actively cultivate and strengthen the coal trading data service industry ecology,Give full play to the multiplier effect of data elements,Strengthen data mining, analysis and processing capabilities,Rich data products,Accelerate the circulation and trading of data elements in the market。The "entry of data assets into the table" is a key step for data resourcing to data assets,The party branch of the trading center moved quickly,Strict theme research,Set up data asset entry project implementation team,The implementation of "branch bright flag, secretary bright commitment, party members bright identity",Inspire party members to adapt to the new era and new skills of vitality and combat effectiveness,Take the "Go out, learn, use" approach,Carefully learn the basic steps, overall solution and key points of data asset "entry" operation,Actively carry out the registration and confirmation of data assets,Formed by the party members as an example,The youth answered the call,All departments actively participate in the good situation。April 22, 2024,The algorithm model of supply chain finance system passed the review of Guizhou Big Data Exchange,Became the "first" state-owned enterprise in Gansu Province to obtain the first "Data merchant Certificate" and the first "Data Element Registration Certificate",Substantial steps have been taken in ensuring data security, promoting data circulation, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises,Won the title of "2023 Coal new quality productivity Innovation Enterprise"。