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Gansu Nenghua Group participated in the 7th Digital China Construction Summit

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From May 24 to 25, the 7th Digital China Construction Summit was held in Fuzhou, Fujian province。With the theme of "Releasing the value of data elements and developing new quality productivity", the summit brought together industry experts, business representatives and university scholars from all over the country。Gansu NENG Chemical Group and Gansu Coal Trading Center were invited to participate in the "2024· New Quality Productivity Enabling Enterprise Procurement Supply Chain High-quality Development Summit Forum"。

The head of Gansu Coal Trading Center made a keynote speech of "Digital Coal · Intelligent Future" at the forum, sharing the experience and experience of Gansu Energy Chemical Group and Gansu Coal Trading Center in actively embracing changes and exploring the construction of energy industry procurement supply chain system。In the context of the digital age,Gansu Coal trading center builds a digital trading platform,The transparency, standardization and convenience of coal trading have been realized,Significantly improve the transaction efficiency;By creating a digital procurement management platform,Make enterprise procurement more sunny, fair and just,The procurement management efficiency is greatly improved while the procurement cost is reduced.With big data management platform,It provides powerful data support for the coal industry's market analysis and decision-making。

next,Gansu Coal Trading Center will continue to increase capital and technology investment,Take the procurement supply chain management platform of domestic first-class energy enterprises as the benchmark,Continuously improve and strengthen the function of Gansu Canchem digital procurement management platform,Build a supply chain ecosystem that meets the offline production and construction needs of enterprises and the online procurement management needs。By integrating enterprise procurement lifecycle management and production construction data elements,Optimize internal resource allocation,We will strengthen the driving force of inter-industry circulation,So as to achieve the three main objectives of procurement, supply assurance, cost reduction and efficiency improvement,Promote the standardization of the procurement supply chain process, management intensification, information visualization and data assets of Gansu NENG Hua Group,We will deepen the integration of digital technologies and the real economy,Implement the ecological construction of the procurement supply chain in the energy industry。