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The notice of the National Energy Administration requires further accelerating the intelligent construction of coal mines to promote the high-quality development of coal

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National Energy Administration on further accelerating the intelligent construction of coal mines

Notice on promoting high-quality development of coal

National Energy Development Coal (2024) No. 38

Energy bureaus of coal-producing provinces (autonomous regions), development and reform commissions of coal-producing provinces (autonomous regions) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, administrative departments of the coal industry, and central enterprises concerned:

  In order to thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and The State Council, accelerate the development of new quality productivity, promote the deep integration of digital intelligence technology and the coal industry, further improve the level of intelligent construction of coal mines, and promote the high-quality development of coal, the following notice is hereby issued。

  First, further build industry consensus。The National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration and other departments have issued the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the intelligent Development of Coal Mines (Development and Reform Energy (2020) No. 283),Each coal-producing area shall formulate the implementation plan according to the actual situation,Detailed supporting policies,We will accelerate the application of scientific and technological innovation,A number of intelligent demonstration coal mines with advanced technology and strong leadership have been built,The effect of reducing people and increasing Antioch is remarkable,The intelligent construction of coal mines has entered a new stage of accelerated development and in-depth promotion。However, it still faces problems such as unbalanced construction progress, insufficient support for core technology and equipment, and urgent need to strengthen personnel security。All coal-producing provinces and coal mining enterprises should thoroughly implement the decision and deployment of the CPC Central Committee on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries,Further unify ideas and enhance understanding,Adhere to problem-oriented, goal-oriented,We will strengthen overall planning and step by step implementation,Promote the intelligent development of coal mines to a wider range, deeper level and higher quality,It will provide strong support for ensuring the safe and stable supply of coal and building a new energy system。

  Second, comprehensively promote the intelligent development of coal mines。New coal mines are designed and constructed in accordance with intelligent standards in principle,The main production links of mining (stripping) machine, such as transport selection, can be combined with the actual situation to prepare intelligent special design,Process selection, equipment selection, etc. should comply with intelligent standards,The intelligent production system should be evaluated and accepted during the joint test run and completion acceptance,Ensure proper system operation。Coal mines under construction, especially large coal mines under construction, should be combined with the construction schedule to optimize the design, timely add intelligent construction plans, and strive to complete the intelligent construction before completion and operation。

  Third, accelerate the intelligent transformation of production coal mines。On the premise of ensuring the safe and stable supply of coal, coal mines actively and orderly promote the intelligent transformation of production, operation and management links, focusing on promoting the intelligent transformation of large coal mines and coal mines with serious disasters。Large coal mines should speed up intelligent transformation, build a single or multiple systems intelligent by the end of 2025, and achieve intelligent mining systems if conditions are met。Encourage more than 3 million tons/year of production coal mines to comprehensively promote the intelligent transformation of the main production links, and strive to take the lead in building the whole system of intelligent coal mines。Coal mines with serious disasters and coal mines with altitudes higher than 2,400 meters or mining depths greater than 600 meters should formulate intelligent transformation plans according to geological conditions and disaster characteristics, accelerate the intelligent transformation of key dangerous links, and comprehensively enhance the ability to ensure production safety。For coal mines with large or above accidents, an intelligent construction plan shall be formulated before resuming production, a clear time limit for completion shall be specified, and construction shall be completed within the required time limit。

  Fourth, innovate intelligent construction models。Accelerate the promotion of the mature scheme recommended by the "National Collection of Typical Cases of intelligent Coal Mine Construction (2023)", and explore and apply the intelligent construction model suitable for the region and the enterprise according to local conditions。Encourage coal mining enterprises to continue to optimize and improve the main production system intelligent construction technology scheme, strengthen the linkage and coupling of multiple systems, and strive to achieve the intelligent upgrade of a single system to the overall intelligent upgrade of coal mines。Give full play to the advantages of concentrated production of key enterprises, carry out joint upgrading and construction of group mines, promote the formation of an overall planning and echelon construction model of mining areas, and accelerate the high-level cluster development of intelligent coal mines。Further tap the energy saving and carbon reduction potential in the operation of intelligent systems, promote the application of green mining technologies such as intelligent filling mining, mining and recovery, and promote the coordinated development of intelligent green mining areas。

  Fifth, continue to promote the optimization and upgrading of intelligent systems。Comply with the rapid development trend of the new generation of digital intelligence technology, play the guiding role of the "Intelligent Construction Guide for Coal Mines", and continue to improve the intelligent control level of complete sets of equipment and the autonomous operation ability of production systems。If the evaluation results of Jinggong coal mine meet the construction conditions of Class I, construction is encouraged in accordance with intermediate and above standards,Those who meet the construction conditions of Class II and III are encouraged to carry out construction in accordance with primary and above standards,Focus on promoting intelligent decision-making and autonomous operation of the mining system and efficient collaboration of process equipment in the drilling system,The mining face can be controlled remotely beyond visual range and there are few people on site,Promote the application of intelligent scheduling of auxiliary transportation, unattended fixed places, comprehensive perception and real-time calculation of ventilation systems, and robot replacement of dangerous and heavy jobs。Open-pit coal mines focus on promoting autonomous mining and loading, driverless mining trucks, and robotized loading and unloading to improve the level of intelligent collaboration among multiple processes。The coal preparation plant focuses on promoting high-precision coal quality online detection and intelligent sorting control to realize intelligent monitoring, decision-making and control of the whole process。

  Sixth, strengthen the application of information technology support。Continue to promote the research and development and application of high-precision mining sensors, controllers, and industrial basic software, promote terminal equipment to load autonomous and controllable operating systems, and strengthen data fusion and sharing。Strengthen the construction of information infrastructure such as new generation communication technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and data centers, encourage the construction of coal industry Internet platforms in places with conditions, and gradually realize the intelligent analysis and unified management of coal mine production, operation, management and other data。Promote AI video intelligent monitoring, downhole high-precision positioning, open-pit slope monitoring and early warning systems, and strengthen real-time monitoring of key areas and key posts。

  7. Improve the effectiveness of normal operation of the system。Encourage and guide coal mining enterprises to jointly set up technological innovation teams with scientific research institutions and equipment manufacturing enterprises, develop convenient and reliable intelligent operation and maintenance equipment, and timely solve the problems existing in the operation process。Fully tap the functional potential of the built system, improve the scenario-based application and on-site adaptability, and promote the fine, normal, stable and reliable operation of intelligent systems in key production links such as automatic cutting of coal mining and following machine shifting, remote control cutting of driving, unmanned formation operation of trucks in open-pit coal mines, automatic feeding and loading of coal preparation plants。Coal mining enterprises are encouraged to set up intelligent professional operation and maintenance institutions, formulate normal operation management systems, strengthen the evaluation of normal operation effectiveness, and continue to improve the quality and management level of operation and maintenance。Strengthen the scheduling analysis and supervision and inspection of the construction and operation of intelligent systems, and reduce or cancel the intelligent assessment level according to the situation for those that are built but not used or used。

  8. Accelerating research, development and application of key technologies and equipment。发挥Technology innovation allianceAnd other innovation platform elements agglomeration advantages,Around the key technical bottlenecks restricting the development of intelligence,Comprehensive use of "revealers", "horse racing" and other methods,To guide coal mining enterprises and social forces to carry out scientific and technological research,Key breakthroughs in high-precision geological detection, coal and rock identification, collaborative control of working face equipment groups, intelligent complete sets of (semi-) continuous mining equipment, intelligent soldier equipment, auxiliary operation robots and other technical problems。Increase the demonstration and application of major technology and equipment, list the intelligent advanced applicable technology and equipment of coal mine as the first (set) major technical equipment support scope in the energy field, and promote the improvement of the level of localization and integration。

  9. Play a leading role in standards。Promote the implementation of the "Guide to the Construction of Intelligent Standard System for Coal Mines" (Guonengfa Technology (2024) No. 18),To guide relevant parties to speed up the formulation and revision of intelligent design and construction specifications, interface protocols and information interaction, new intelligent sensing and control systems, operation and maintenance and quality evaluation and other urgently needed standards,Establish and improve the standard system of general intelligent foundation, production system, technical equipment, information foundation, operation and maintenance guarantee and management of coal mine。Increase support for the development and revision of intelligent coal mine standards, research and establish technical organizations such as national standardization of coal equipment and standardization of intelligent coal mine industries, and give key guarantees in terms of national standards, energy and coal industry standards and funding。

  10. Increase policy support。New coal mine mining system according to intelligent design, production coal mine to achieve intelligent mining, in accordance with the advanced production capacity standards of coal management, capacity replacement, approval of nuclear increase, capacity reserve, resumption of work and production enjoy differential policies。The state gives key support to the central budget investment in coal mine safety transformation, carbon emission reduction support tools, medium and long-term loans for manufacturing industry, and the progress and effectiveness of intelligent construction work as an important reference for the investment arrangement in the central budget for coal mine safety transformation。Each coal-producing province should further improve the incentive policy in light of the actual situation, study the establishment of special awards and subsidies, strengthen the construction and promotion of demonstration projects, strengthen the guarantee of intelligent coal mine project construction elements, and create good conditions for intelligent construction。

  Xi. Strengthen the construction of human resources。Innovate the introduction, training and selection methods of intelligent talents, encourage coal mining enterprises to build intelligent education and training practice bases with colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and equipment manufacturing enterprises, cultivate intelligent compound talents in coal mines, and improve the intelligent operation level of front-line workers。Promote the transformation of intelligent coal mine labor force,Improve the classification of occupations in the coal industry,Formulate post configuration and professional skill level standards for intelligent inspection, operation and maintenance, centralized control, monitoring, communication, network, and data engineers,Coal mining enterprises are encouraged to set up professional posts such as intelligent equipment engineers and operation and maintenance technicians,We will improve the salary distribution system,Smooth the development channel of intelligent talents。

  Xii. Strengthen task implementation, guidance and coordination。The administrative departments of the coal industry in coal-producing provinces and regions (leading departments for the intelligent construction of coal mines) shall cooperate with relevant departments,Strengthen the overall planning and coordinated promotion of intelligent coal mines,Formulate implementation opinions in accordance with the spirit of this notice,Scientific and reasonable determination of construction objectives,To guide large coal mines and coal mines with serious disasters to clarify the tasks and deadlines of intelligent construction,Guide other qualified coal mines to comprehensively promote intelligent construction,Establish project implementation list ledger,The implementation opinions and project list will be submitted to the National Energy Administration before the end of July 2024。The relevant central enterprises shall do a good job in the implementation of this notice in accordance with the above requirements。The coal-producing provinces and regions should establish and improve the monitoring and scheduling and regular consultation mechanism, and report the construction progress and operation results on time in accordance with the notification requirements of the regular scheduling work of the intelligent coal mine construction of the Bureau。The National Energy Administration, together with relevant departments, will further play the role of the coordination mechanism for the intelligent development of coal mines, strengthen the top-level design, policy support and guidance and coordination, and study and solve major problems in the promotion of work。