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Adhere to the idea of "relying on coal, extending coal, beyond coal",Promoting the clean and efficient use of coal as the main direction of transformation and upgrading,Consolidate the existing urea, synthetic ammonia, nitro-compound fertilizer, dilute (concentrated) nitric acid, ammonium nitrate dissolved wave and other chemical products,Promote the construction and operation of Jinchang low-rank coal efficient utilization of hydrogen production and 500,000 tons/year high concentration urine-based compound fertilizer, silver clean and efficient gasification gas comprehensive utilization, kiln kerosene shale oil refining products deep processing projects,To realize the coordinated development of traditional chemical industry and fine coal chemical industry。At present, the total annual production capacity of chemical products reaches 1.15 million tons, and it is expected that the annual production capacity of chemical products will reach 3 million tons in 2025。