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Gansu Nenghua Jinchang Energy and Chemical Development Co., LTD. Public recruitment announcement

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Gansu Nenghua Jinchang Energy & Chemical Development Co., LTD. (referred to as "Jinchang Company") is located in Jinchang City, Gansu Province,It is a mixed-ownership enterprise jointly funded by Gansu Energy and Chemical Investment Group Co., LTD., Jinchang State-owned Assets Investment and Operation Co., LTD., and Jinchang Zhongtian Jurong Warehousing and Logistics Co., LTD,Gansu can chemical group holding operation。Founded in September 2020, with a registered capital of 500 million yuan, the company is an energy and chemical development enterprise integrating coal chemical industry and coal resources。

According to the development needs, 140 qualified talents are now open to the public, and the calculation deadline for the age of each recruitment position is April 15, 2024。

- Basic requirements for recruitment

(1) Having the nationality of the People's Republic of China and supporting the leadership of the Communist Party of China;

(2) have full capacity for civil conduct, physical and mental health, and have a certain ability to withstand pressure;

(3) Have good political quality and moral conduct, abide by the Constitution and laws, work hard, and have no bad record of illegal crimes;

(4) Have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, with the required academic level, professional conditions and work ability;

(5) Having the work experience and corresponding qualifications required for the position;

(6) Good sense of teamwork, strong communication and coordination ability, obey the work assignment;

(7) The age restriction can be appropriately relaxed for those who have outstanding verifiable achievements or have won awards at the county level and above or have intermediate or above titles in related professions;Applicants with working experience in chemical industry is preferred。

Ii. Recruitment plan and position

Social recruitment 140 people

Iii. Recruitment procedures and arrangements

(1) The recruitment shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures of announcement, registration and qualification review, testing, determination of the proposed candidate, physical examination and publicity, and appointment arrangement。

(2) Registration period: from the date of announcement to April 25, 2024。

(3) Registration method:

1.This recruitment takes online registration, on-site registration is not accepted。

2.Applicants can log on to the portal website of Gansu Energy and Chemical Industry Investment Group Co., LTD. (http://www.mozillafirefox-download.com) Download and fill in the "Gansu NENG Group Jinchang Company Application Registration Form" (Social recruitment) (Annex 1) and "Gansu NENG Group Jinchang Company Application Registration Form" (Annex 2);

3.Application materials include but are not limited to: application form (required), copy of ID card (front and back), personal resume, graduation certificate, degree certificate, academic certificate electronic registration record form, qualification certificate, award certificate, etc.;

4.Please send the scanned copy of the application materials (including the application form downloaded from the official website in the original format) to 362596365@qq.com, the email title and compressed attachment name must be marked "Jinchang company job name", such as "Jinchang Company gasification workshop air separation technician Zhang SAN", if the remarks are not clear, there is a wrong registration file format, registration information is missing, etc., automatically deemed invalid registration;

5.Each candidate can only select one professional position to apply for registration, please do not apply for more than one position;

6.Each registration mailbox can only have one registration officer, and do not send registration information repeatedly;

7.Please make sure that your registration information is accurate。If the applicant cannot conduct the preliminary qualification examination due to incorrect or incomplete registration information and other factors, the applicant shall bear the consequences by himself。

(4) Qualification examination: According to the requirements of the recruitment position, the applicant's qualification is reviewed。

The applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information provided。Anyone who provides false materials at the time of registration, forges and fabricates relevant documents, materials and information to defraude the application qualification, once verified, immediately cancel the application qualification, and cancel the application qualification together in the later recruitment, and those who do not pass the resume screening are no longer notified one by one。

(5) Testing: According to the qualification review situation, timely batch organization qualification review qualified for testing。In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Management Measures for Open Recruitment of Employees of Gansu NENG Hua Group (Trial)。Candidates are required to bring the original documents submitted at the time of registration for inspection。

(6) Other matters。The candidates who meet the conditions and pass the test will be publicized on the group's portal website, and will be notified to take up the post on trial after there is no objection to the publicity。

4. Salary and welfare benefits

(1) Wages and benefits。After the recruitment of the probation period system, the probation period is 3 months, the introduction of urgently needed talents, highly educated professional and technical talents and all kinds of scarce talents to negotiate the probation period。During the probation period, 80% of the salary standard of the position shall be executed。After the probation period has passed the examination and assessment, the wage standard of the post shall be implemented。

(2) Basic welfare。In accordance with national regulations, pay pension, medical, maternity, unemployment, work-related injury insurance and housing provident fund for new employees according to law。

(3) Enjoy normal holiday gifts, heating subsidies, high temperature subsidies and free medical examinations organized by the company。

(4) Provide accommodation outside Jinchang nationality。

(5) Provide free labor protection articles that meet the requirements of the position。

(6) Strictly implement the statutory rest system of the State and enjoy all holidays prescribed by the state, such as statutory holidays, weekends, paid annual leave, family leave, marriage and funeral leave, maternity leave, etc。

V. Other matters

(A) Candidates should provide their real and effective telephone and email address, and promptly pay attention to the email, telephone, within the specified time to reply, after the notice does not reply to the information is deemed to automatically give up。

(2) The specific written test, interview time and place will be informed by email notification, please pay attention at any time, no further notice。Candidates who fail to pass the qualification review, written test and interview will not be notified further, those who do not receive the notification information are not passed, and those who fail to participate in the written test and interview on time are deemed to automatically give up the application。

(3) According to the work needs and the actual situation of each link of the recruitment process, the company has the right to adjust the recruitment plan and positions, and enjoy the final interpretation of the recruitment。

(D) Once registered, each applicant shall be deemed to accept the relevant qualification examination of the applicant by the company, including telephone interview, file review, background investigation, ability assessment, etc。

(5) All registration materials provided by each applicant will not be returned, and the company promises to ensure the safety of the personal information of the applicant。

(6) This recruitment is implemented by Jinchang Company independently, without enacting any intermediary agency to participate, and does not collect registration, training and other fees from candidates in any form. Please beware of being deceived。 

Contact: Ms. Xu

Tel: 0935-8368886;13919811527 (Reception time: 8:30-12:00, 14:30-18:00 on weekdays)

Gansu NENG Hua Group Jinchang Company Application Registration Form (Social Recruitment) (Annex 1).xlsx

"Gansu NENG Chemical Group Jinchang Company Application Statistics Form" (Annex 2).xlsx