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Firefox for iOS

Firefox for iOS “Firefox for iOS”: Firefox has worked for iOS but How does the new iPhone browser… Now there is an informal device iPhone and Firefox first test version for iPad users to gejailbreak. Beta application can be made through alternative app store Cydia. It does not come directly from Mozilla, though, but the manufacturer […]

Firefox Android Download

Firefox Android Download “Firefox Android Download” – Firefox Android Download Mobile version of Firefox for Android phones. With Firefox Android Download for Android to surf with your smartphone or tablet liquid through the Internet . Adapted for mobile devices The browser is reminiscent of “Firefox Android Download” for Windows. The developer customized the interface but on mobile devices. For […]

Firefox Browser for Android

Firefox Browser for Android “Firefox Browser for Android” – Firefox Browser for Android Innovations in Firefox One function is to facilitate the sharing of content , such as open tabs users. For this purpose located in the browser’s menu next to Share a symbol that contains the zuleztgenutzten service for forwarding as Google+ , Twitter, Facebook […]

Firefox for Android

Firefox for Android “Firefox for Android” – Firefox for Android Mozilla has released the final version 28 of its Internet browser for Android smartphones and tablets. With “Firefox for Android” OS is the mobile version of the popular desktop browser . The Android version of the browser used the same engine as the big brother, comes just […]

Firefox Android

Firefox Android “Firefox Android” – Firefox Android The Firefox Internet browser brings the best of surfing on desktop PCs to mobile devices It is fast, easy to use and customizable. Simultaneously, the latest security and privacy features to help you to stay safe online . Functions of the Internet browser “Firefox Android”: SPEED Go to the Internet […]

Mozilla Firefox os

Mozilla Firefox os “Mozilla Firefox os”Android phones dominate the market ! Still, the network operator name any quantities. In the huge smartphone market Mozilla Firefox os hardly plays a role . With over 78 percent of Android phones dominate the market in which nearly a billion smartphones were sold worldwide last year. In second place is Apple […]

Firefox OS

Firefox OS “Firefox OS” – A year after the launch of mobile phone sets after the offensive of Firefox Mozilla Foundation Mozilla Later this year will bring a smart phone for 25 dollars on the market . As a partner , the Foundation has the Chinese manufacturer Spreadtrum selected . When is it exactly should give […]