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Mozilla “Mozilla” – Mozilla is already in the starting blocks: Who wants to try the Mozilla of the future, which loads the preliminary version down. Go to DOWNLOAD… It is no longer a secret that Mozilla is urging earlier releases for the next browser versions to a faster release schedule after the extremely long development time. Therefore, a […]

Firefox Marketplace

 Firefox Marketplace “Firefox Marketplace” Challenge to Google : Mozilla offers Firefox Marketplace plenty of web-based offshoot of well-known apps on . The Firefox Marketplace serves as the official app provider for the Firefox browser and Firefox OS . In it you ‘ll find thousands of apps in which it is actually to websites . But were […]

How to install Firefox

How to install Firefox “How to install Firefox” This article describes how to install Firefox. If you switch from an older version of Firefox to the latest , please read the article Updating Firefox to the latest version . Before you “install Firefox”: Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements . (Windows XP ) […]

Firefox Add-ons

Firefox Add-ons “Firefox Add-ons”Mozilla Firefox Download provides a collection of essential extensions that belong in every Firefox Add-ons. In the open-source browser “Firefox Add-ons” , the selection of extensions has reached an unmanageable number . In our package you will find , therefore, the ten most important add- ons that belong in every Firefox Add-ons. […]

Mozilla Firefox os

Mozilla Firefox os “Mozilla Firefox os”Android phones dominate the market ! Still, the network operator name any quantities. In the huge smartphone market Mozilla Firefox os hardly plays a role . With over 78 percent of Android phones dominate the market in which nearly a billion smartphones were sold worldwide last year. In second place is Apple […]

Firefox OS

Firefox OS “Firefox OS” – A year after the launch of mobile phone sets after the offensive of Firefox Mozilla Foundation Mozilla Later this year will bring a smart phone for 25 dollars on the market . As a partner , the Foundation has the Chinese manufacturer Spreadtrum selected . When is it exactly should give […]